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What does the OSI Model & pizza delivery have in common?

O PLANET TECHNOLOGY NORTHARIGAN D UTO OSI Model Explained: Pizza Style Layer 7: Application I think tonight I will order pizza for delivery. It sounds so good! The application layer is the user interface that receives commands from users. Clicking on a link on an internet browser is akin to a customer dialing on their phone to order a pizza. Layer 6: Presentation Hi, this is Pizza Palac─Ö. What can I I will have 1 large sausage pizza with veggies. POOD ORDER get for you? 1 Larse uage eggles Order 2 The presentation layer translates requests received from the application layer into a common networking language. In order for our pizza customer to place an order, she needs to speak a common language with the person taking her order. Layer 5: Session Okay that was a large sausage pizza with veggies. That will be $12.75. This layer can be compared to making a phone call and having the other person pick up the phone. Without another party on the line, no food-related or network-related conversation would occur. Layer 4: Transport PIZZA Pizza order #21 is ready for delivery! PIZZA You can think of the transport layer as quality control. Suspicious packets will not make it past a firewall. Similarly, low-quality pizzas will not go out for delivery. Layer 3: Network GPS will get PIZZA me there in no time! wwww The network layer determines the best way to route information. Similarly, our pizza delivery person will rely on a GPS to map out a customer's location. Layer 2: Data I'm here but I still have to find the right appartment! One of the major functions of the data link layer is to provide a physical MAC address so that requested information can find its destination. Without a physical address, our pizza delivery man would not be able to complete his delivery. Layer 1: Physical PIZZA Thank you for the speedy delivery! No problem! Enjoy your pizza! PIZZA The physical layer comprises of the physical hardware components in a network. In this final step, our now starving customer will receive her delivery.

What does the OSI Model & pizza delivery have in common?

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You may have never guessed that the OSI model could be explained through pizza delivery but check out how we went though the 7 layers in this infographic!




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