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What does Google know about me?

What does Google know about... What does Google know about me? But it's not just you. Here's their search engine market share in December 2013.. Google watches and records every search their users make, and uses cookies to continue doing so for up to six months after the user's most recent login. Each search is instantly compiled into a personalised data profile, giving Google an in-depth knowledge of your personal life, your career, interests, location, medical history, political views and much more. 89% 61% UK USA 68% To put it lightly, Google knows a lot about you. GLOBAL Why would Google want to know so much about me? Because Google is, first and foremost, an advertising company. OF GOOGLE'S REVENUE 97% COMES FROM TARGETED ADVERTISING The more information that Google is able to learn about you, the higher their profits. Google has never provided "free" services, but it's users have, and continue to do so. If you use their services, then the most intimate details of your life helped Google generate over $16.8 billion in revenue over the last three months alone. REMEMBER YOU ARE THE PRODUCT. Is my data safe? NO. Because Google are so good at mining personal information, their databases have become a valuable resource not only to their advertising partners, but also to government surveillance programs. As an American company, Google are obliged by law to give the U.S. government access to whatever information it wants, whether the user is an American citizen or not. YOU GOOGLE GOVERNMENT That doesn't sound very safe to us.

What does Google know about me?

shared by mariuspics on Sep 22
Should we be scared? A look at how Google turns your personal information into corporate profit


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