The Weight of the Internet

*THE WEIGHT OF THE INTERNET SERVER WEIGHT A typical DATA CENTRE RACK can hold about 1,200TB of data. AN INDIVIDUAL SERVER RACK CAN WEIGH UP TO 750KG THE SAME AS THE AVERAGE C OW. THE INTERNET There are about 2.7 MILLION There are about 22,772GB of INTERNET TRAFFIC EVERY SECOND, equating to about 4KG GOOGLE SEARCHES every minute. THE WEIGHT OF THESE SEARCHES equates to 772 08 OR 4706 THE AVERAGE WEIGHT OF A TODDLER. of data of delicious leg ham. 86,000 ARE CONSUMED BY THE YouTube videos INTERNET EVERY SECOND 2,327,597 emails are sent EVERY SECOND, WEIGHING 1.5KG ON AVERAGE WHICH EQUATES TO ABOUT 19TB of data this is similar to the - weight of a 13" MACBOOK AIR. CREATED EVERY DAY or 12KG the same weight as a BESSA BLOCK. Approximately 67% OF THESE ARE SPAM EMAILS. There are approximately 1,025,149,572 WEBSITES ON as of AUGUST 2014 THE INTERNET. - The combined weight of the homepages alone is - APPROXIMATELY 1 METRIC TONNE, equivalent to a 1974 PORSCHE 911 CARRERA RS THE INTERNET produces about 850.000 TONNES OF CO2 EMISSIONS EVERY DAY FULLY LOADED same weight as 2,500 The JUMBO JETS SOCIAL MEDIA FACEBOOK There are approximately 300 MILLION or 27.9TB of photos are uploaded to 1.23 BILLION active users on FACEBOOK everyday, translating to FACEBOOK 17.4KG or 3.5 human heads (as of January 2014). The approximate combined weight OF ALL THE FACEBOOK USERS in the world IS 76.3 BILLION KG ARE POSTED 510 FACEBOOK EVERY THIS IS MADE UP OF comments MINUTE THIS EQUATES TO approximately 130GB per year similar to the weight OF A PE NCIL. 53% 47% 8g OR 40.4 billion kilos M ALE 35.8 billion kilos FEMALE ΥO TUBE hours of video 144,000 are uploaded to YOUTUBE every day – equating to about 61.8TB OR 38.6KG similar to that of a ΒΑΒΥ HIPΡΟ OVER 6 BILLION hours of video is watched on YOUTUBE every month equalling 2.5 MILLION TB of data or 1,600 TONNES, equal to 9 BLUE WHALES INSTAGRAM IF EVERY PHOTO WAS PRINTED ON There are more than 16 BILLION STANDARD SELFIE PHOTOS ON INSTAGRAM equating to roughly POLAROID FILM it would weigh in excess of 4,500TB INSTAGRAM - has uploaded over 6,000 TONNES WHICH IS SIMILAR IN WEIGHT TO A GERMAN IRON ORE 150,000,000 PHOTOS tagged with #SELFIE FREIGHT TRAIN.

The Weight of the Internet

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