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Web Design and Development - DIY or Outsource?

Web Design and Development Projects - DIY or UTS URCE When it comes to designing and creating a website, some business owners are looking at the prospect from a DIY perspective, in an attempt to skimp on expenses by trying to build the website themselves or through in-house resources. The question is: would that be a really good idea? Will the business really benefit more is website design and development projects are done in-house/DIY-style or outsourced to professionals? PRESENTED BY mp Digilal Marketing PHILIPPINES DİY vs Outsource How to Decide When it comes to website design and development projects (or other projects for that matter), a dividing line separates the community of business owners into two distinct groups: build their websites in-house or through DIY methods building websites should be outsourced to professionals Outsourcing agency external 60 In-House Staff 33% used internal renouse to perform the task i businesses Cost Incurred But is outsourcing to an external company really worth the extra expenses? The following sets of questions can help you decide: Do You Have the Internal Resources to Get the Job Done In-House? Web Development expert Online Marketing expert Graphic Design expert Project Management expert Copywriting expert Can You or an In-House Person Get the Job Properly and Single-handedly? A VS. one-man website team a whole team each with specific skill sets Do You or Your In-House Staff have the Time to Focus on the Project? Spending time on a DIY website design and development project will take time away from core activities that may affect your overall business operations Knowing the Types of Web Design and Development Professionals Web Designers Web design professionals focus on the aesthetic aspects of website building. They focus on designing the proper layout, graphics, font selection, font sizes, color combinations, themes, navigational controls and other graphical elements of the website. Web Developers Web development professionals focus on the technical aspects of the website building, particularly with regards to website code, framework and overall infrastructure. Internet Marketers Internet marketers are professionals whose main focus is to drive relevant traffic to your website through several online techniques available including social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO * Content Providers This includes articles, blog posts, white papers, news, press releases, infographics, slideshows, video, and animation. Once you've defined what type of website building professional you need, the next step is to learn how you can find good professionals that can work with your website design and developmental needs. How to Look for a Web Design and Development Professionals check out their: expertise experience red flags references service rates quality of customer service response to changes Pros and Cons: DİY Web Design and Development Pros.Cons More savi Consumes considerable manhours Full creative control Additional work load of design and content Limited customization due to lack in skills Sense of achievement Empowers your Higher possibility of very costly errors staff Outsourced Web Design and Development Pros.Cons Cost-effective Higher initial cost outlays Can be done in parallel without affecting normal business operations Less creative control Needs additional assessment Reduces workload and sourcing out service providers Professional features and higher levels of customization Subject to availability of service provider Whatever your choice may be, the fact remains that if you're planning to build a website for your business, you have clearly understood how important a website is in taking your business and operations into a higher level of competitiveness in a constantly evolving market. CONTENT SOURCE: HTTP://DIGITALMARKETINGPHILIPPINES.COM/BLOG INFOGRAPHIC PROUDLY MADE BY Digital Marketing PHILIPPINES 44% outsourced the redesign of their web

Web Design and Development - DIY or Outsource?

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The ultimate question for business who wants to have a good looking and responsive is this, should I do it myself or outsource it to a 3rd party company? Check-out this infographic designed by Dig...


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