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Web Attack Survival Safety Card

OMPERVA KNOW YOUR ENEMY ·WEB AITACK "What anebles the wise sovernign ond rhe good general to shile ond conguer, end echieve things beyond the mach af artinary man, in foreknomiedgr." Sun I, The An l War SURVIVAL GUIDE Understand who is responsible for the threat With an intreesing amoust of business Industrtial espienage, subotage and cyber Prepare for atteck. Follew these 7 being conducted onlise, the internat tetrerism are becaming more frequest, has quickly become the frentlise in en resalting in lost revenue, stolen data, ongoing battle betwen campanies and sereice interruptions and dameged rules to protect yeur orgenization from estarnel threats targeting your high-value applications end data Rssets. Ne twn hockers ere alke. Te prepare far an gtock, you must understand the attick mathods and mativatiens of the anemy you face. an unseen anemy eputations. 2 CREATE A SECURITY RESPONSE TEAM 31 ASSESS YOUR SYSTEMS BUILO UP YOUR DEFENSES Be prepored for the ottack when it happens Strengthen security argund likaly entry peints such es web applications and Dreas of high visibility Locate end test ell your epplications, detoboses and servers Establish a response team of IT security personnel. Assign 24-hour coverege ta ensura thet semeone is alweys available to lespand to ew threats. locate your servern, applications ond databases and determine which ones centain sensitive date. Scan your systims for critical vulaarebilities and prioritize your efferts based on risk Secure your applicetions. Deplay a wab applicatiọn frewall to stop threats targeting your high-vilue applications end data assat. 51 61 OUTMANEUVER THE ATTACKER CALL IN THE PROFESSIONALS DEBRIEF YOUR TEAM Allaw yeur security respense teen to deplay all the resources needed to mitigate the atteck, working dey/night/weekend shifts if necessory Corry out en effectiv and measured post mortem of the ettock Leveroge the expatience of outside sources for an ebjective opinien of your security protocols Moniter and anolyze secarity alerts. Loak fer unusuel sctivity end ottock patterns indicative of e brech. Adjest your policies besed on the sature of the etteck. Engoge autside security consultents ta ot es the metconaries to your defunding emy, Allaw professionels to essess your oplication infiastructure for weskness and make racommendations for bolstering defenses. Review the impoct of the attuck and occount far semitive datu loss, epplication latency, nd setwoek downtime. Evaluate the effectiveness of yout defenses and implement sew protocals to aveid future attecks.

Web Attack Survival Safety Card

shared by JESS3 on Oct 04
Based off a white paper from data security company Imperva, JESS3 created a detailed and entertaining series of infographics that serve as a how-to for companies experiencing an online security breach.





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