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Various Java Versions and their Features Infographic

Gi SPEC INDIA Various Java Versions & Their Features Java Java SE 10 (In Future) No fix date or year for its release. There can be removal of primitive data type and can also have 64-bit addressable arrays to support big data sets.. However it is not confirmed that the primitive data type will be removed. For confirm news we have to wait until version release. Coming Soon Java SE 9 (In Future) Oracle is planning to bring this version in 201 with great func- tionalities. This can provide the support for multi-gigabyte heaps, better native code integration and self running JVM. Coming Soon Java SE 8 Java SE 8 was introduced on 18th March 2014 without the code name but developers identify this version with Spider. This version has some features which were planned to be included in SE 7 but not integrated. • Language level support for Lambda expressions • Map reduce transformation • Use of multiple inheritances • Date and time API • Statically linked JNI libraries Java SE 7 This version was released on 28th July 2011 with the code name Dolphin. This version has many great features which made the developers work easy. Some of the highlights of this version is • Use of string in switch statement • Can handle more than one exception at a time Support for dynamic language • Java nio package Java SE 6 Very popular version of Java released on 11th Dec 2006 and developers indentify it by its code name Mustang. This version has following features... • Support for scripting language JDBC 4.0 API • Java Compiler API • Pluggable Annotations Integrated web services Java SE 5 With the code name tiger this version was released on Sept 30th 2004. It has nice new features like.... Generics • Enhanced for loop • Auto & Unboxing • Typesafe Enums Varargs Java SE 1.4 This version was introduced in the market on 6th Feb 2002 with the code name Merlin. Its features were as below... • XML processing Print services • Logging API • Java web start JDBC 3.0 API Java SE 1.3 Code name was Kestrel and release date was 8th May 2000 and has features like.... • Java Sound • Jar indexing • Huge list of enhancement almost in all Java area There were some other old versions too which were released during the 1997 to 2003 having their own code name. SPEC INDIA Email : Website : Contact : + 91 - 79 - 26404031 to 34 Fax : + 91 - 79 - 26404035 \-------------- `--------------

Various Java Versions and their Features Infographic

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Java is one of the most popular programming language. Each and every time java programming language come up with exciting newer functionality. So it is little bit complexity for the java developers to...




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