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UX 101: What Is User Experience?

UX 101 WHAT IS UX? A user's experience with a system e.g. Websites, mobile apps, etc Includes Human-Computer InteractionDesign UX addresses all aspects of a service from the perspective of the consumer. It essentially guides the interaction of the consumer with mobile apps and websites from both a visual and functional perspective. UX FACTS AND STATS 68% 85% 44% 62% of UX problems can be solved by testing with 5 users of customers base future purchases on past experiences of online shoppers will of users leave a website because of poorly designed UX tell friends about a bad experience online Visual design The look and feel of the interface 5. Information architecture Usability Improves how effectively the Organizes the information system can be used to achieve goals within your site's structure 3. ESSENTIALS OF USER EXPERIENCE DESIGN Market Research Interaction design Understanding your customer's Assesses and incorporates user reactions and experiences on needs into the site based on research your website or software 1. Visual design Use visual elements to convey a particular message and information used to make decisions 2. Information architecture Group your site's information meaningfully Maximize find ability through proper navigation logic and detail in your descriptions Label according to relevance of content 3. Market Research Find out what your consumers like and don't like E.g. perform simple surveys of how your site is performing to your customer's expectations 4. Interaction design Design based on interface behaviour Create an interface layout Ensure consistency e.g. plan out your pages, what do you want each e.g. think about the hierarchies of pages & information e.g. what do you want them to do next? page to convey to your consumers 5. Usability www. Ensure human's ability to use the site Maximizes accessibility for all users BENEFITS OF UX Each $1 invested in UX returns up to $100 IBM M McAfee IBM AMAZON MCAFEE IBM gets returns of 1:100 for usability testing Amazon saw gains of $300 million a year through improved UX MCAfee's redesign cut support costs by 90% Removed compulsory registration 15 Earned an extra $15 million in the first month NOT REGISTERED million Customers were New shoppers did not want to register at the purchase stage 45% abandoning purchases Purchases increased by 45% HOW UX IMPROVES WEBSITES Optimizes customer experience Helps avoid unnecessary features Helps avoid unnecessary problems 50% of developers time is spent fixing avoidable issues KEY METRICS Customer Relationship S Net gain of customers Management 1. Is the consumer base increasing over time? Questions to ask 2. Does a competing system have better UX? 1. Are customers confused? 2. Does the product presentation need to be clearer? Churn rate 3. How often is the same problem being reported? 1. Are you losing existing customers over time? 2. How many new customers are we acquiring? Resolutions of the above Can the information architecture be better organized? 1. Overhead costs 2. Have efficient systems been implemented to resolve ambiguity? 1. Do overhead costs really contribute to improving UX? 3. How have we resolved similar issues in the past? 2. Can unnecessary costs be cut? CALCULATING ROI ON UX 00000000 Consider different metrics dependent on industry Examine increases and decreases in one or several areas AC MC M+ MA M- :- Increased sales Increased productivity Increased customer satisfaction and loyalty 2 3 Decreased training and support costs Decreased development time and costs Decreased maintenance costs Weigh up increases/decreases against the cost of UX The average cost of a UX consultant: $17.5 /hour BRANDS VOTED AS HAVING THE BEST "UNIQUE EXPERIENCE" ─ÉisNEy Google Apple Disney Google Microsoft Mercedes Benz Coca-Cola SONY IKEA amazon Coca Cola Sony Ikea BMW Amazon Louis Vuitton SOURCES homestead

UX 101: What Is User Experience?

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UX stands for "user experience" and it's a vital term to know if you want your own site to be successful. For more on this concept and how it can be applied to your business website, take a look at t...






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