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Understanding Marketing Automation

MARKETING AUTOMATION UNDERSTANDING Marketing automation is the use of technology processes and software to help the sales funnel along. For example, if you SUBSCRIBE to a company's newsletter, you might receive an automated response, thanking you for your subscription. THANKS Human interaction is minimal. O History of Marketing Automation CAN-SPAM Act created lol 2003 Sender Policy Framework is established, verifying email sender identity Social networking usage surpasses that of email 2005 2007 Inbound marketing software company HubSpot founded 2007 2006 2007 Facebook adds do-it-yourself advertising for businesses DomainKeys ldentified Mail (DKIM) is established as a standard for verify- ing identity of email sender 2010 Priority Inbox Rollout in Gmail buries most bulk email from people you don't know O Problems with Marketing Automation While customers interact with your company through social media and mobile applications, On average, 25% of your email subscribers most marketing automation does not capture that data in a useful way. will unsubscribe annually, yet often marketing automa- tion does not help you attract more leads through blogging, search engines, and social media. Software can be expensive and time- consuming to set up. Marketing automation was invented in the 1990s, yet it has not been updated for our new social marketing strategies. Marketing automation has the strongest growth of any category in the last five years, but 50% of VWHY marketers aren't making their investment back. LOADING. Deliverability issues Mobile issues People not using email as much Hard to set up O 25% Less than Google Priority Inbox makes it harder to get in the real inbox of companies using marketing automation use their platforms to their full potential Customers are seeking information. If you Where Marketing utomation is Headed provide it in a way they can find online, you improve your lead funnel and build relationships. Use social media to monitor what's being said about your brand Use A/B landing pages to increase conversion on your site Customize behavior- driven communica- Analyze traffic to your blog and site, as tions to better target well as competitors' your audience activities O Putting the Human Back in Marketing Automation According to Gartner, by 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationships without talking to a human. Customer relationships should be based on real interaction with the assistance of marketing automation! O Good Ways to Use Marketing Automation Provide your leads with timely reminders. Ask them to write a review of a product they bought from you a month ago. Invite leads who haven't read your blog yet to check it out. Blah... Reach out to leads who mention you or your keywords on Twitter. Blah.. Present the content and how it will help solve the recipient's problem - not just buzzwords and jargon. Don't send them content they haven't liked in the past if you know what they are interested in. Brought to you by: SOURCES Hubspot Infographic design by: marketing-the-next-phase-of-marketing-on-the-web.aspx VOLTIER DIGITAL acronyms-what-is-spf-email-sender-policy-framework/ now?guid=311bbc42-7b7b-404b-a03f-310deecbc4eb&submissiongui d=2fc8b3d0-79d7-413f-9b0c-7b865762648d marketing-the-next-phase-of-marketing-on-the-web.aspx %24

Understanding Marketing Automation

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Marketing automation is the use of automation software to help sales funnel along, such as automatic emails. This system makes sales more efficient however this infographic shows the problems that com...


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