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The Ultimate Growth Hacker Checklist

THE ULTIMATE CLICKCONVERTSELL GROWTH HACKER CHECKLIST •........●• .. PIRATE METRICS HOW TO MEASURE GROWTH Courtesy of Dave McClure ACQUISITION How do users find you ACTIVATION Do users have a great first experience? RETENTION Do users come back? REVENUE How do you make money? REFERRAL Do users tell others? POWERFUL BUSINESS Immediate INTELLIGENCE Upsolution- Based on Tracking NEW Customer by click.convert.sell Desires Sales Solution Dashboards Diagnostic Assessment Loyal Customer Active Listening Creation Creating an Experience Monopoly Positioning Phone Handling & Tracking per source Promotion Multi Channel Interactive Marketing & Publicity Making it easy to say YES RAPID BUSINESS CAMPAIGN IMPLEMENTATION BLUEPRINT IDENTIFY THE BIG CUSTOMER PROBLEM/FRUSTRATION CALCULATE THE 30 DAY CUSTOMER VALUE by click.convert.sell Identify Target Market Identify Media o Fulfilment Sequence Create Authority Position in Market Follow Up Completion of Result Design Lead Team Active Listening Sequence ull After Sales Review Design Direct Response Message Time Sensitive Offer MARKETING WEAPONS GROWTH HACKER CHECKLIST Courtesy of, kissmetrics Identify big customer problem Calculate 30 Invite influential people to guest post on your blog day value Repurpose all your popular blogs as Slideshare presentations Write detailed answers to Quora questions in your sector 6. Add, or write answers to "Alternative to." or "X vs. Y" questions on Quora Integrate with the most popular 8 platforms that compliment your Write a 7 day educational 9. email course on your industry Produce an educational course on Udemy product and can fast-track you to bigger audiences topic, and promote the signup form on your blog 10 11 Bring together an eBook from existing content, interviews and contributions 12 Produce a series of short Add an on-boarding email drip sequence (<3min each) Screencasts on how to use your product 13 14 15 Add 'blank slates' to show Offer an incentive for users Offer increased product Limits for %10o activation what a fully setup account looks like who activate (eg. t-shirts) Deliver case studies of 16 17 happy customers via email to users who haven't Popup helpers within the app 18 Offer live webinars (and in the early days, -1to1- coaching via Skype) activated yet 19 20 21 Add an in-product leaderboard or some kind of competitive gamification Transactional Emails (or Daily and Weekly Digest Emails Push Notifications) of In-Product Activity Retargeting (aka Remarketing) to pull users back for low CPMS (Adroll) 22 23 Add a drip email campaign Send Important Product Update Emails 24 for inactive users, try coupons for returning users 25 Use "Peer Prods" For Inactive Users. Get your users to remind their own friends to come back 26 Invite the user to webinars to 27 Invite collaborators show them how to keep getting the most out of your product (colleagues and clients) to the app 28 29 30 Encourage Social Shares With In-Product Rewards Use "Powered By." but don't use "Powered By" Double-sided incentivised referral schemes 31 Create 32 33 Experiment Between Add a BIG discount on embeddable Different Promotions and an annual payment widgets Discounts Increase your prices. You're probably undervaluing your product 34 Offer an on-page promo 35 36 Try bundling your product in big deals code with a countdown to push urgency 37 38 39 Simplify your pricing to make choosing easier Use value-based metrics, not cost based metrics Switch out your Free plan for 1$ Plan Put Social Proof on your home 38 page, your landing pages, your A slow site turns customers away. It has a direct impact on your wallet How do you handle your new customers and your existing customers ? 37 39 account signups, and your thank you pages 39 If you start with 10 customers, they should bring more than 10 other customers to you Go bare bones on your 38 Use product integrations instead of building a 37 home page. Cut it down to the essential elements. customer base from scratch Do skype interviews with popular people in your industry, and write up as blog content Mention influential people in 41 your blogs, email and tweet them afterwards to let 40 them know NICHE DOMINATION ENGINE by click.convert.sell Integrated Direct Response & Market Leadership Positioning Multichannel Setup & strategic design Area launch strategy 2 Niche Service hotlines tracked numbers with free recorded messages Social Media PR Strategy Strategy Direct Response Business cards-for networking with free recorded message & guide Interactive Diagnostic Test -Direct Response SMS Free Guide Opt in & Tracking Number form Online Educational Patient Guide-Readable Online Educational Patient Guide-Video Educational Patient Guide - Book form Form Form Tracking System- Dashboard, telephone Direct Response Authority blog Direct Response Website numbers Quarterly Direct Mail leaflet tracked design & landing page Direct mail launch Quarterly Direct Mail postcard tracked design & landing page offer leaflet tracked design & landing page Quarterly Direct response tracked design & landing page 4 Direct Response landing pages-for adverts Event launch & promotion package Quarterly Direct response tracked adverts & landing page Window wrap design & Signage design (online/offline/retail) Multiple Options Menu Autoresponder & Follow up Sequence- designed & scripted Niche Photobook- before & After cases ANALYTICS, METRICS AND TESTING Incentivisation Pirate metrics Referral Conversion rate engine optimisation Squeeze page & Opt in enhancement MARKET LEADER BE THE RECOGNISED AUTHORITY IN YOUR BUSINESS NICHE WEBINARS ARTICLES BLOGPOSTS PRESS VIDEO RELEASES CONTENT × CONSISTENCY INFOGRAPHICS FACEBOOK You Tube in FOCUS ON TWITTER YOUTUBE LINKED IN NICHE Inbound marketing Multichanel marketing Multimedia Content marketing Expert positioning Social Proof & Authority Market leadership is the position of a company with the largest market share or highest profitability margin in a given market for goods and services. Market share may be measured by either the volume of goods sold or the value of those goods. • Own and control the relevant technology in whatever market you are in, either through the use of patent or other proprietary protections. • Adopt and implement better technologies immediately, whenever they become available, regardless of whether or not any other organizations are currently using them. • Be the first to use a technology or create a category for a product. Then, make it an industry standard. SALES AUTOMATOR MAKE MORE SALES HAPPEN AUTOMATICALLY Email Marketing Landing Pages Campaign Management Marketing Programs Lead Generation MARKETING Predection /Scoring AUTOMATION Lead Management CRM Integration Social Marketing Resource Management Marketing Analytics AUTOMATION & SYSTEMISATION Thank you Make thank you's automatically Make gifts automatically Make communication pathways & user experiences happen automatically Every business has one thing in common: the desire to achieve higher revenue and faster growth. But many companies struggle to align their people, processes, and technology to achieve these goals Sales systems Sales automation Standard upsells Premium pricing clickconverts CLICKCONVERTSELL

The Ultimate Growth Hacker Checklist

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If you want to evaluate the success level of your business, measure the growth in business periodically. Below is the discussion about different metrics that could help in the measurement of ultimate ...


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