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The True Story Of IP Communications

THE TRUE IP COMMUNICATIONSSTORY DEBUNINKG THE MYTHS IP adoption rates are up, but SMBS hove fallen behind the curve. Why are SMBS using outdoted communication systems and services? According to data from the US Census Bureau $26 BÄ°LLION MARKET ANNUALLY in the US alone for IP adoption THE EVIDENCE IS CLEAR There's a lot of money to be made by IP & UC Service Providers Most SMBS have not migroted to iP Communications 36% ADOPTION RATES in 500+ employee organizations 25% ADOPTION RATES in companies with <100 employees IP COMMUNICATIONS ADOPTION BY COMPANY SIZE IP TDM .... .... 71% 14 5-19 20-49 50-99 100-249 250-500 500+ THE MAIN SUSPECT| IP INTEREST IS IGH 95% of 20+ employee companies show interest in IP odoption 57% of < 20 employee companies show interest in IP odoption INCOVERINE THE FACTS EDUACATION IS #1 Mojority of SMBS today ore 95% using TDM phone systems #1 CASE FILE HOW IS IT MANAGED TODAY IT needs are different at all SMBS levels 20-49 employees employees Business Decislos Moker What is Driving SMB Market Purchases? 1.23%18% 3% 31% 2.1% 19%143% 1% 3.35% 23% 37%|5% 4.25% 50% 15%2% 20 EMPLOYEES Lower TCO 50-99 >100 20-49 EMPLOYEES Eliminate charges for support and maintenance employees employees 50-99 EMPLOYEES Add flme >100 EMPLOYEES IT Manager IT Staff | Outsaurce | Don't Manage GOING MAINSTREAM Essential service provider attributes that sway SMB decision makers Reputation, Customer service, Smooth sales process Less Important Important More Important Economics 12% | 27% |60% Provider 14% | 29% |57% Product 27% | 31% |42% Change Event 35% | 35% |30% Fact: Over 90% of SMBS would recommend IP and their service provider to their business peers SMB Purchase Drivers for IP Communications STATE OF THE COMMUNICATIONS MARKET So why are service providers still focusing on lorger SMBS? -Deal sizes are often larger - Lack of IT personnel in small SMBS makes targeting difficult Migration of SMB5 to iP storts with cost reduction 1111 It will take most SMBS 2 years to switch to IP 62" 61" How can service providers toke advantoge of the $26B IP market opportunity? 2/3 OF SMALL SMBS (<20 employees) SPEAK THE RIGHT LANGUAGE Clear and non-technical messages Small SMBS are all about business, not IT 3/4 OF IARGER SMBS > 20 employees) 0% OF BUSINESS WALK A MILE IN THEIR SHOES in the US have <20 employees IP can make a huge difference in an SMB with 15 or 500 employees 'Day in the Life' stories can demonstrate real world benefits that resonate with small SMBS 00 bitly/SMBIPStory Establishing trust, offering "hassle free" sales processes, and making your service economical will win your company market and mind share. VISIT for the full report on IP Communications. Scurce: edgewater 2015 Report from Edgewater Networks and Mctaswitch Networks: The SMB Market for Unifed Communications and Hosted Services NETWORKS N NOWSOURCING SMBS BIPS

The True Story Of IP Communications

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