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Three Decades of Hacks

THREE DECADES OF ATTACKS 2005 Commwarrior 2007 A cell phone worm spread via multimedia meesage, Commwarrior showed that worms spread as fast on phones as they do on computere Estonia Botnet 2008 Conficker Estonia sufternd the tirst nationwide malware atack when a botnet launched 120 distributed denial of service (DOO8) oampaigns to cripple Still the world's biggest known botnet, Conticker infected as many an 15 milion PCs by exploting a flaw in Windows operating syeteme 1982 the country's cntical networks Elk Cloner The fret modern virus attack which a ninthgrader unleashed- using Apple Il omputer floppy disks-to annoy his classmates 1988 Morris Worm In the first wide-scale worm attack, which infected up to 10 percent of machines connected to Internet-predecessor Arpanet and may have cased as much as $100 milion in damages 2009 1986 PC-Write 2003 SoBig Botnet Amazon EC2 Botnet The first trojan horse (malware that spreads by tricking people into running bad code) was disguised as a popular word processor called PC-Wr te Sobig the first emal worm to carry a bot program as a payload, infected millions of computers around the world. That yaar also marked the beginning of a new and more dangerous era of profit-driven A botnet controllar hosted on Amazon's EC2 cloud relayed orders to password-stealing zombie PCu, the first major case of a pay-as-you-use cloud server operating a botnet. 1998 2010 Solar Sunrise Stuxnet malware attacks Orchestrated ty three teenagers, it was the firet targeted mahware attack on th U.a government and penetraled hundrede of computers Thia worm and botnet searched for and Teprogrammeda hgr control system (the program used to run Iran's nuclear centrituges, among other thinga) so that the machineg under the system's contral would maifunction.

Three Decades of Hacks

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Popular Science asked us to create a series infographics to illustrate the history of hacking. The illustrations were featured in the April 2011 issue of Pop Sci. They accompanied an article about the...




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