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The Threat of Malware: Facts and Figures

THE THREAT OF MALWARES FACTS & FIGURES MALICIOUS SOFTWARE www (MALWARE) SOFTWARE PROGRAMS DESIGNED TO DAMAGE OR DO OTHER UNWANTED ACTIONS ON A COMPUTER SYSTEM, IS MALWARE A VIRUS? VIRUSES WERE THE DOMINANT FORM OF MALWARE. IN THE 1980S AND 90S, WHEN PERSONAL COMPUTERS WERE FIRST BECOMING COMMON, THERE WAS NO COMMONLY-USED UMBRELLA TERM SUCH AS MALWARE, SO PEOPLE CALLED ANY MALICIOUS PROGRAM A VIRUS. TYPES OF MALWARE IMPACT OF MALWARE Could cause the host to be unusable VIRUS Spreads itself by infecting other programs IN YEAR 2012 Disguises itself as another TROJAN program Once the program is executed, it performs it's own malicious activity such as controlling the PC, or installing additional malwares. INCREASE 42% ATTACKS Programs that propagate through storage systems (USB sticks, external hard drives and emails) WORM Do not require a host TARGETED Cause a reduction in system performance Also perform malicious activities Record every keystroke done on the keyboard x250 KEYLOGGERS Can easily grab your passwords and other sensitive information. 31% BUSINESS EMPLOYEES Part of the programmer's code that has been implemented to provide access to the system despite having system security BACKDOOR waterhole Can be installed through Trojans enabling the attacker to take control of the system. TATTACK = 500 INFECTED BEameztims/ DAY Software that secretly spies on your system by gathering user data. SPYWARE 14 Simple targets the systems vulnerabilities and exploits them to gain partial or full control EXPLOIT Does not have as much security risk as other malwares ADWARE Main function is to simply advertise/show advertisements to a point that it becomes undesired by users ZERO-DAY VULNERABILITIES Fake anti-virus or anti-spyware software ROGUES/ SCAREWARE Pretending to be legitimate security services to trick users to buy their software. 32% a system and encrypts the user's credentials, such as personal information DATA NAS BEN STOLEN RANSOMWARE May even stop the system from functioning normally until a "ransom" is paid to an anonymous service order MOBILE THREATS STEAL INFORMATION 69% SPAM VOLUME OF ALL EMAIL BEING SPAM CONTINUED TO DECREASE 1 THREAT = 600,000 MACS INFECTED NEWLY DISCOVERED VULNERABILITIES 5291 MOBILE 415 OPERATING SYTEM THE NUMBER OF PHISHING SITES SPOOFING SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES INCREASED BY ALERT! 125% 2011 1.1M 2012 604,826 STOLEN IDENTITIES PER BREACH 30% WEB-BASED ATTACK INCREASED MEDIAN NUMBER OF IDENTITIES STOLEN HAS INCREASED BY 3.5x 247,350 WEB ATTACKS ARE BLOCKED PER DAY 1 EMAIL VIRUS PER 291 EMAILS 74000 NEW MALICIOUS 1 PHISHING EMAIL PER 414 EMAILS WEB DOMAINS TOP 10 INDUSTRIES ATTACKED DATA BREACHES BY SECTOR MANUFACTURING 24% THEALTHCARE FINANCIAL FINANCE, INSURANCE, & REAL ESTATE 19% EDUCATION INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY SERVICES (NON-TRADITIONAL) IGOVERNMENT 17% TELECOM ACCOUNTING COMPUTER HARDWARE GOVERNMENT 12% COMPUTER SOFTWARE COMMU NITY & NON-PROFIT ENERGY/UTILITIES 10% SERVICES (PROFESSIONAL) 8% AEROSPACE 2% TOP 5 SOCIAL MEDIA ATTACKED RETAIL 2% WHOLESALE 2% TRANSPORTATION, COMMUNICATION, ELECTRIC,GAS 21% 56% 18% 10% 5% 3% FAKE OFFERING MANUAL SHARING LIKEJACKING FAKE PLUG-IN COPY & PASTE AVERAGE COST PER CAPITA TOP CAUSES OF DATA BREACHES OF A DATA BREACH USA DENMARK FRANCE AUSTRALIA HACKERS $194 +$191 I $159 : $145 ACCIDENTALY THEFT OR LOSS OF MADE PUBLIC COMPUTER/DRIVE JAPAN UK ITALY INDONESIA $132 E $124 I 102 $42 INSIDER THEFT UNKNOWN FRAUD 40% 23% 23% 8% GИ 1% ACTIVITY FOR PHISHING DESTINATION BY: GEOGRAPHY COMPANY SIZE INDUSTRY 1 IN 123 1-250 1 IN 294 III 1IN 95 NETHERLANDS PUBLIC SECTOR EMPLOYEES 1 IN 177 251-500 EMPLOYEES 1 IN 501 %$4 SOUTH AFRICA 1 IN 211 FINANCE 1 IN 191 501-1000 1IN 671 UNITED KINGDOM IENPLOYEES 1 IN 223 EDUCATION 1001-1500 1 IN 607 1IN 374 ENPLOYEES DENMARK ACCOMMODATION/ 1IN 297 1501-2500 1 IN 739 CATERING ENPLOYEES 1 IN 382 DENMARK 1 IN 355 MARKETING / 2500+ EMPLOYEES 1 IN 346 MEDIA HOW WE CAN HELP CONSUMER WILL SPEND 1.5 BILLION HOURS $22 BILLION IDENTIFY.REPAIR.RECOVER SCA NNING 65% GLOBAL ENTERPRISE $114 BILLION DEAL WITH THE IMPACT OF A MALWARE INDUCED CYBER ATTACK DOWNLOAD PC HEALTHBOOST SCAN YOUR PC WITH PC HEALTH BOOSTER SEE REMARKABLY IMPROVED FUNCTION OF YOUR COMPUTER REFERENCES PC HealthBoost" 21291018.en-us.pdf 1_counterfeit-software-genuine-software-initiative-security-updates

The Threat of Malware: Facts and Figures

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Malware are serious cyber threats. They have created significant damage across industries worldwide. Malware are programs designed to damage, phish, or infiltrate private computer systems.




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