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Thin Client vs. Zero Client

"Thin vs. Zero' Clients Which is Best for Your Infrastructure? When choosing between thin clients and zero clients, it is not that one hardware or connection option is necessarily superior. Both are small form factor terminals, specifically designed for VDI. While they share similarities, they each boast capabilities that make them unique. Taking a Look at Thin Clients Thin clients are meant to be simple devices that create a secure and manageable infrastructure. Set Up & Operations O Hosted in the data center O Serves as a terminal to the back-end server O End-point devices with their own operating systems O Easy to install O Offers a version of Windows Embedded Standard (WES) or a Linux based OS such as DETOS O Utilizes connection protocols such as Citrix ICA or Microsoft RDP O Remotely accesses a desktop being hosted on a Virtual Machine stored on a server O Includes a local browser Benefits O Makes application access simple O Improves security O Reduces hardware needs Advantages Over Zero O Flexible O Custom user profiles O Custom manageability More options for users (good for environments where more capabilities are needed) Zeroing in on Zero Clients Zero Clients rely on a network connection to a central server for full computing and don't do much processing on the hardware itself. Set Up & Operations O Chooses one protocol or another for the device to utilize O Requires no configuration O No local storage O The decoding and display processes take place in dedicated hardware Benefits O Immune to viruses O Decreases the overall downtime O Increases productivity of the end-user O Little maintenance required O Rarely needs updates unless change/enhancement to the VDI protocol O Boot up speeds of just a few seconds Advantages Over Thin Clients O Require less setup than a thin client O More efficient than using a software client and a standard CPU and GPU setup O Deployment time can be less if environment is set up Alternative Client Solutions A thin client such as the Acer Veriton N2010G offers a feature through the operating system which enables thin clients to act as zero clients. Set Up & Operations Configuration is carried out through external DNS environment O Management software becomes optional 01011110000011 01000111010 010001010 01 11111000 0101010 O Connectivity is established through standard DNS records J1010 1110 Benefits O Once the DNS environment has been established the management process is complete O Users are unable to execute what administrators have not authorized. O Users enter username and password and are immediately running in their remote session. Advantages Over Thin & Zero Clients O One piece of hardware can operate in thin and zero client computing mode © Zero client computing can convert back to thin client computing Making the Choice: The first step on deciding between thin and zero clients rests within the requirements of your network and the connection you prefer. • Also consider the needs/ permissions of the desktop users. • Note: Selecting the best thin and zero client products for your VDI environment requires knowing which device suits which users best. Benefit Factors for both Thin & Zero Client Computing: • Manageability - VDI allows you to have central management of all your desktops. All up grades, security policies, application changes, etc. can be made in the data center and immediately take effect on client devices. Security - With VDI, you have greater control of how you secure your desktop. Data cannot be copied or saved to any other location than the central server. Unlike PCs, client devices offer greater security against theft, damage, malware, spyware, and viruses because all data is on the network. • Big Savings - Less power consumption, pollution, and a low price! A client device uses significantly less electricity than a standard PC, ultimately reducing you carbon footprint and energy bil! devon IT

Thin Client vs. Zero Client

shared by DevonIT on Jul 16
Evaluating thin clients and zero clients as the desktop device for remote desktop computing and VDI.


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