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TekDry: Wet Phone? Skip the Rice

WET PHONE? SKIP THE RICE. A new scientific study debunks the myth that you can fix a wet smartphone with rice. In fact, it proves rice is actually less effective than letting the device air-dry naturally on its own-but neither method will thoroughly dry the device and restore functionality. HOW MUCH WATER WAS REMOVED IN: 48 Hours 20 Minutes | 13.1% | 14.7% 100% PUTTING PHONE LETTING PHONE USING TEKDRY IN RICE AIR-DRY TekDry is a nationwide emergency electronic device rescue service that quickly and safely dries wet electronic devices in only 20 minutes. NUMBER OF AMERICANS WHO SOAK THEIR MOBILE PHONES EACH YEAR 22 more than 1 in 4 homes will have a wet phone in the next year MILLION All Wet! THE MOST COMMON CULPRITS DRINK SPILLS ΤΟILETS HOT TUBS BODIES OF WATER WASHING Iswimming pools, MACHINES lakes, oceans) WHO IS MORE LIKELY TO DROP A PHONE IN THE TOILET? Texting on 80% WOMEN the Toilet 25% of adults admit to regularly using their phone in the bathroom.* 20% MEN DON'T EVER USE: 000000o rice cat litter hair dryer microwave silica gel heater oven DIY WET PHONE Rescue Tips The experts at electronic device rescue service TekDry recommend the following tips: REMOVE BATTERY WIPE IT DOWN This helps to keep electricity away from the waterlogged components and minimizes the chances of irreversible damage. Use a paper towel or washcloth to remove any visible water from the phone and keep it from seeping into the phone and doing more damage. КЕЕР IT DON'T DELAY UNPLUGGED THE DRYING PROCESS Water and electricity don't mix. To prevent a short circuit and further damage, do not power the phone on or plug it in. If the device is on, power it down. The quicker you act, the better your chances of a successful rescue. Follow these tips and consult a professional electronic device rescue service like TekDry as soon as possible. TekDry offers a nationwide emergency electronic device rescue service that quickly and safe ly dries wet electronic devices; restoring full device operability, saving valuable data such as photos and contacts and preventing further irreversible damage. To view the complete study, "Evaluation of Rice as a Method of Drying Out Waterlogged Cell Phones," please visit: *HuffPost/YouGov Poll Sept. 7-8, 2013 TEKDRY A Device Rescue

TekDry: Wet Phone? Skip the Rice

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A new scientific study debunk the myth that you can fix a wet smartphone with rice.


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