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Tech Lust: The Increasing Desire for CE

Tech Lust The Increasing Desire for CE Even in times of recession, consumer electronics sales remain strong as consumers spend even more of their discretionary income on the gadgets needed to maintain a connected lifestyle. The Hitchn soap, tin of string geat spr etc Furthermore hitchhiker any of the hitchhiker mig the strag swill think the length and beeadr Top 10 CE Wanted this Holiday 2090 0000o from last year 1. Notebook / Laptop e against ter where his toel ed with. 2 2. Portable MP3 /Digital media player NEW 3. Flat panel TV 14. Video game system W 2 5. Digital camera o ce a phrase that h as in "Hey, you sass There's a frood is" (Sass: know, ally hoopy: really together gay f together guy) aware Nestling quietly on top of Prefect's satchel, the Sub-Etha Se to wink more quickly. Miles abov the planet the huge yellow some NEW 6. Kindle/E-Reader NEW 7. iPhone Lecatons 2s-s4 NEW 8. Blu-ray player NEW 9. Desktop PC NEW 10. Smart phone 01 088 Top 10 CE Bought this Holiday % of 31% 1. Portable MP3 / Digital media player 28% 2. Video game system consumers 26% 3. TV 24% 4. Digital camera 21% 5. Notebook computer 20% 6. Docking station with speakers 19% 7. GPS 14% 8. Digital photo frame 10% 9. Blu-ray player 9% 10. Mobile phone (not smartphone) CE is hotter than last year 2009 Electronics Spending 200 Index 190 180 2008 170 BB0160 150 C0000 per October November December Holiday shopping is down over last year aband 18% over 2007. CES Data AT -42AM Overview OUNTS 3.273 Cash 423 Credit Debt Other -10% 8625 T DECEMBER TODAY ow DECEMBER +4% Gifts NTS 8 1,061 5) Food -3% But gifts are up 4% In fact, consumers are spending 13% more on electronics. Transactions are 10% bigger and 3% more frequent. Comparing 4th Quarter 2008 with 4th Quarter 2009 According to data As the average sale price is driven down. 400 275 000 1Q'07 2Q'07 3Q'07 4Q'07 1Q'08 2Q'08 3Q'08 4Q'08 1Q'09 2Q'09 3Q'09 4Q'09 Consumers are getting more for their money. International CES omint Greeting Cards E Decorations -27% Home Purchases -31%

Tech Lust: The Increasing Desire for CE

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From the Kindle to the iPhone to the Wii, the hottest products in consumer electronics connect consumers to a world in which everything; books, music, films, and games are available 24/7 on-demand. Th...



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