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The Takeover Of Mobile Internet - Will It Replace Desktop Use?

MOBILE THE TAKEOVER OF MOBILE INTERNET WILL IT REPLACE DESKTOP USE? INTERNET WHAT IS THE STATE OF MOBILE WEB TODAY? 150MB +500% 10.11% 45% 55мв 3G. search 2010 2011 Average smartphone usage nearly tripled in 2011. The average amount of traffic per smartphone in 2011 was 150 MB per manth, up from 55 MB per month in 2010. Mobile search has grown 500% in the past two In May 2012, 10.11% f website page views came from a handheld mobile device. Since 2011 45% of the world's population has been covered by a 36 mobile network. уваrs THE AVERAGE MOBILE NETWORK DOWNSTREAM SPEED THE AVERAGE MOBILE NETWORK CONNECTION SPEED +66% +39% ....................... 189kbps 315kbps 968kbps 1344kbps 2010 2011 2010 2011 Last year's mobile data traffic was eight times the size of the entire global Internet in 2000. 597 Global mobile data traffic in 2011 was GLOBAL MOBILE TRAFFIC petabytes per month over 8 times greater х8 greater than the global mobile data traffic in 2010. 75 2010 2011 It has been predicted that mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage by 2015. HOW HAS THIS PREDICTION MANIFESTED ITSELF SO FAR? In 2005 the shipment Fast-forward 7 years to 2005 2012 2012 and combined numbers of Desktop/Notebook PCs were around 200,000 million pieces, with Smartphone shipment numbers just about hitting 50,000 million pieces. Tablet usage was very much smartphone and tablet: shipments surpass desktop and notebook PC shipments by almost 200.000 million units. Smartphones & Tablets PCs PCs Smartphones unheard of at this time too. 200,000m 50,000m 200,000m It has been revealed that in 2012 1 in 6 people intend on buying a mobile tablet. Overall mobile data traffic is expected to grow to 10.8 exabytes Global mobile data traffic more than doubled from 2011 to 2012 it went from 0.6 exabytes per month to 1.3 exabytes per month. per month by 2016. Which will be an 18 fold increase over 2011's 0.6 exabytes per month. 2011 2016 2011 2012 0.6 exabytes 10.8 exabytes 0.6 exabytes 1.3 exabytes 1 Exabyte = 1000000000000 OB = 1018 bytes =1000000000 gigabytes = 1000000 terabytes HOW HAS MOBILE INTERNET GONE GLOBAL? 17.84% 14.85% Mobile web traffic these numbers 7.96% are up 192.5% stands at 7.96% in the USA. that number is much larger in places like Africa and since 2010 Asia. USA AFRICA ASIA МОВПE ONLY WEB USERS МОВПE ONLY WEB USERS 70% 59% 57% 25 EGYPT INDIA S. AFRICA USA There are a large percentage of mobile web users who are "mobile only"- meaning that they never or very rarely use a desktop/laptop to access the web. This is the case for many developing countries. Even in the USA there are a percentage of mobile only web users. The Asia Pacific and This growth represents an increasing share of total mobile data traffic, Western Europe regions will account for over half of global mobile traffic by 2016 Mobile data traffic growth from 2011-2016 from 15% in 2011 to 19% by 2016 Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) +19% 2016 62.57% +104% +84% +83% +79% GLOBAL MOBILE TRAFFIC CAGR CAGR CAGR CAGR W. EUROPE ASIA PACIFIC +15% 2011 LATIN AMERICA MIDDLE EAST ASIA PACIFIC AFRICA REST OF EUROPE The graph shows the compound annual growth rate of mobile traffic in different regions from 2011 to 2016. WHY ARE MORE AND MORE CONSUMERS USING MOBILE DEVICES? 40% said keeping up40% to date with the news 48%) 48% for listening to music REASONS FOR BUYING A TABLET 67% used it for internet access 67% 48% 48% who used it for social networking Social Media has played a huge role in the expansion of mobile internet The advent of new lower priced tablets in late 2011 has meant that a whole new crop of tablet owners have been created. Facebook had 543 million monthly active users who used Facebook mobile products in June 2012 48% 2011 52% now own of tablet owners At CES 2011 Twitter CEO Dick Costolo stated that from all Tweets sent out on Twitter 40% of an Android device report owning an iPad them come from mobile devices HOW IS MOBILE COMMERCE BEING AFFECTED? Now that more and more people are owning smart mobile 1.3tm 29% 50% devices, there is an increasing focus on mobile commerce. 29% of smartphone users use their phone for shopping more than 50% of mobile users Even more interestingly it was shown that mobile payments are expected to quadruple over the next five years to more than $1.3tn. are returning visitors to daily deal sites US TABLET OWNERS Mobile is revolutionising the way that commerce works. 24% 12% use their tablets to shop 2-3 times a month. use them to shop every day 20% use them to shop more than once a week. eb MOBILE SALES 41% of Egyptian Smartphone owners make purchases on their phone 2011 2012 $5m $8bn 41% EGYPT Ebay has even forecast $8 billion in mobile sales this year, compared to it's forecast of $5 billion on mobile sales in 2011. 78% of US smartphane 78% owners use their USA smartphones in store HOW HAS APP DEVELOPMENT PICKED UP AND HOW IS THE INDUSTRY GROWING? Nielsen reported that games are the most downloaded out of all 600m applications (both free and paid) 170m $10bn 750,000 apps Apps are now a $10 billion market, and they are growing at almost 100% a year. Downloads for Angry Birds in December 2011 were at almost 600 million compared to 170 million sales of the Nintendo DS Both Apple and Google's mobile app stores have seen a steady growth since they launched in 2008. By the end of this year it is likely that both app stores will have more than 750,000 apps. DRAW SOMETHING INSTAGRAM launched in February 2012 was launched 1.3 years ago It had 12+ million users a day At that time it It has been generated $100,000+ of revenue per day downloaded 20+ million times It now has 13 employees 25+ million users 1,000,000 users 9years 9months 9days DRAW SOMETHING AOL FACEBOOK WHAT'S ON THE HORIZON FOR MOBILE WEB? WILL DESKTOP INTERNET USAGE DIE? We have already seen that in 2012 the number of smartphones/tablets has PC SALES INTERNET USERS exceeded the number of PCs sold. 2010 2015 80m 75m 2bn 2.7bn 16.6% Q2 2010 02 2011 It has been predicted that between 2010 and 2015 the number of mobile internet users The number of internet users PC sales figures for the second quarter of 2011 stood at around 75million, in the USA will increase by a rate of 16.6%. Gradually the number of PC internet users will tail off and decline. Japan and Western Europe will not be far behind the US. whereas in the second quarter of 2010 they stood at around 80 million. A significant decline. worldwide will grow from 2 billion in 2010 to 2.7 billion in 2015, meaning 40% of population will have access to its world's resources. Beta test Google A recent study found that one third of American adults own smartphones, this number is only In 2010 Google became a 'mobile-first" company. Meaning that they test and develop all their sites/tools etc on mobile devices first. Mobile computing has the potential to transform the way that we learn. For example at the Olin College of Engineering social networks bound to increase over time. accessed via mobiles allow the students to learn more interactively. Students are connected to any relevant materials and also to each other. TABLETS 2016 10% GLOBAL MOBILE DATA +78% TRAFFIC GROWTH ANNUAL GROWTH Tablets will exceed global mobile data traffic in 2016. percent of 2016 10.8exabytes 2011 2016 TRAFFIC 2.6GB 2016 2012 1.3 1.1 PER 2011 exabytes exabytes MONTH will be approximately equal to 150мв The amount of mobile the total amount of The average smartphone will generate 2.6 GB of traffic per month in 2016, a 17-fold increase over the 2011 average of 150 MB per month. global mobile data data traffic generated by tablets in 2016 traffic in 2012 COMPUTER SALES DESKTOP 2015 SALES 18% It seems very likely that desktop internet usage has met its match, and It is expected that by the year 2015, desktop sales will make up only about 18% of computer sales. RESOURCE LIST http://mobi MOBILE INTERNET

The Takeover Of Mobile Internet - Will It Replace Desktop Use?

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It has been predicted that mobile internet usage will eventually overtake desktop internet use, but just how close are we to this happening? Read on to find out more.




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