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A Step by Step Guide to Microsoft Office 365

* Cloud hypermarket In Microsolt D5.Office 365 A STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO OFFICE 365 MICROSOFT 23 WHAT IS OFFICE 365? Who better to give us the spiel on Office 365 than Microsoft themselves: offering combines the familiar Office desktop suite with the latest, cloud-based versions communications and collaboration services: Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft SharePoint Online, and Microsoft The Microsoft Office of our next-generation HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? | Lyne Online. These services work together seamlessly to provide the best productivity experience on PCs, phones, and browsers. Office 365 is powered by the same Microsoft email and collaboration products that aa businesses have been using for decades. Here are the current available plans sourced from the Microsoft website: Spiel over. Facts commence... For Midsized Business and Enterprise: Plan El, Plan E2, Plan E3 and Plan E4. £6.50 - £17.75 per user per month For Professionals and Small Businesses: P1 (organisations with 1-50 users) £4 per user per month For Non-Office Workers Starting from £2.60 per user per month | K2 Plan £6.50 per user per month So. The first step to becoming a knowledgeable SERVICES master of Office 365 is to know what's in it. If Office 365 was a cake (which it isn't), these points would be the ingredients. Mmm, services. Yum. 1 Lia Miorosot 2Office Web Apps Microsoft Office This is the old classic that everyone loves. But with a modern, web-based kick. Edit Excel spreadsheets and OneNote notebooks with others in real time Access and view files from your mobile device KEY View documents in high fidelity. O Consistent Formatting when moving between Office Web Apps and desktop Office applications O Use Office in your web browser with Office Web Apps FEATURES Microsof Exchange Online Exchange Online Access e-mail, calendars and contacts on desktop, laptops and mobiles. Lovely. 25GB mailboxes, sond e-mails up to 25MB in size O Automatically updated e-mail, calendar and contacts across devices KEY O Connect with Microsoft Outlook 2010 or Office Outlook 2007 Access your e-mail, calendar and contacts from nearly any Web browser with Outlook Web App FEATURES O Easily schedule meetings by sharing calendars Microsoft SharePoint Online Sharepoint Online Become a kinder person sharing your bits and bobs and odd and ends. O Share team documents and track project milestones Keep important documents online O Provide all team members with online access KEY to critical business information Control who can access, read, and share documents and information FEATURES O Design and maintain a simple professional-looking public website with a custom domain name Lync Online 4 Lync Online Being professional and social CAN work together. Trust me, I've done it. Connect with colleagues and customers from virtually anywhere via rich presence, instant messaging, audio-video calls and online meetings KEY Make PC-to-PC voice and video calls with colleagues and customers Share your desktop, online whiteboards and presentations with colleagues and partners inside and outside your organization FEATURES RIGHT, SO TEHAT'S WHATH IS, WHAT'S THE GENERAL OPINION. on it O Anytime, Anywhere Access - E-mail, important documents, contacts and calendar on nearly any device from almost anywhere KEY Easy to use - It works seamlessly with the BENEFITS O programs a lot of people know and use most, including Outlook, Word, Excel and PowerPoint O Improved Collaboration - Create a password-protected portal to share large, These are the reasons why Office 365 would fan it's tail, if it was a peacock (which it isn't). hard-to-e-mail files both inside and outside organisations O Powerful security features - Including 99.9 percent uptime, enterprise-grade reliability, disaster recovery capabilities, data centers in multiple locations, strict privacy policy and up-to-date antivirus/anti-spam solutions Ability to work either online or offline - Office 365 provides users with the ability to work online or offline via Office desktop applications on PCs and Macs. When you're not at your desk, you can access your inbox with Outlook Web App, view and edit documents with Office Web Apps (available with certain plans) In spite of the name, Office 365 isn't a 66 new version of Office at all. It's a POTENTIAL CRITICISMS rebranding of server services Microsoft has offered for years [BPOS], with a bit more sizzle and a different marketing slant (and presumably a much larger marketing budget) Woody Leonhard | But wait, Microsoft! These reviewer types have made comments challenging your services. Put that tail away, you naughty peacock. If you don't yet have a web site and are looking to get one up and running with the minimum fuss, you may be satisfied, if a generic-looking site is all you need. But those who want something more sophisticated than a fill-in-the-blanks approach will not be pleased [Referring to the Sharepoint website design tools] Preston Gralla | -------... ECOMPETITICN? OFFICE 365 vs. GOOGLE APPS Although some may question the relevance of comparing Office 365 and Google Apps for Business, the truth is that Google Apps for Business is the closest thing to a competitor at this moment in time. So, who will win in a fight? Office 365 (E1) Ease of use Ease of admin Online/offline capability Customisation options Price Microsoft may not be perfect on usability in the admin, Overall Score: 8/10 but they make up for it make up for it by including their already popular Office products as part of the package Google Apps 'Premier' Ease of use Ease of admin Online/offline capability Customisation options Price 'Friendlier' in admin and price than Office 365, Overall Score: 6/10 but may be too web focused for a serious business platform. GOOD OFFICE 365 ON MOBILE DEVICES O Send and Recieve Email O Access to Office Mobile 2010 Access Calendar Information O Access Contacts Information Simple to set up with Windows 7 phone, iPhone and Android BAD The modern focus is definitely on these clever phones that everyone is talking about. I mean smart phones. That wasn't very clever/smart of me. Moving swiftly on... O Less easy to set up on other phones O Services is said to be a tad glitchy on some phone models VERDICT: Although the launch of Microsoft Office 365 is an exciting one, it is important to remember that it is ultimately just an update and rebrand on Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Services Suite (BPOS). Considering this the 'tailored' plans make it a lot more accessible to small business in particular. It's power is far more significant than it's competitors, but its useability on the Admin side will require most companies to seek help from partners. Its cross model support on mobile devices has definitely been considered, but may be able to be improved a wee bit more. So, overall - discounting a few tweaks, Office 365 wins the award for being God at cloud computing (for businesses). Well done you. Have a lollipop. presented by Q Cibud hypermarket I sources:,, elevatelocal

A Step by Step Guide to Microsoft Office 365

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This infographic provides detailed information of the different components of Microsoft Office and how to use them. It also shows the benefits and potential criticisms of the different tools and gener...


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