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Stealing Images Online VS Using Images Fairly

STEALING IMAGES FROM THE WEB USING IMAGES ETHICALLY VS VIA IMGEMBED.COM STEALING IMAGES FROM THE WEB USING IMAGES ETHICALLY img PAINSTAKINGLY, TIME-CONSUMING STEPS TO HASSLE-FREE STEPS TO USE IMAGES STEAL IMAGES ONLINE: ETHICALLY WITH IMGEMBED: Download image Resize dimensions on Set dimensions image editing software (e.g. Photoshop) 550 PX 480 PX Upload to server 4 FTP </> Copy embed code and paste to use on your blog/ website Create HTML code manually for use on your blog/ website RISKS BENEFITS IT'S AGAINST THE LAW As stealing images without the permission of creators is illegal, you may run the risk of being sued by image creators. IT'S SAFE TO USE All images made available are being granted for 'fair use' on Imgembed. PEACE OF MIND You are using images ethically, NO PEACE OF MIND Comes with a guilty mind. Not knowing if you will receive a 'cease-or-desist' letter from creator. and no laws have been broken. EASIER TO RESOLVE DISPUTE By providing transparency and traceable records, it's easier for CONTENT ON THE WEB IS UNREGULATED Imgembed to resolve disputes, and avoid destructive damages. The original source where you've taken the image may also have infringed/copied the image from elsewhere. Who knows? USE FROM RELIABLE CREATORS Reviews and comments allow you to filter and identify reliable creators so you can use images from the trusted ones. PAY EXPENSIVE NEGOTIATED PRICE TO CREATORS May require you to pay expensive legal fees and royalties. PAY ONLY FOR WHAT YOU USE Avoid overpaying for underperforming content. THE EXCUSES OF PEOPLE STEALING IMAGES, AND HOW IMGEMBED OVERCOMES THEM COMMON EXCUSES OF IMAGE 'THIEVES' HOW DOES IMGEMBED OVERCOME THESE EXCUSES It's hard to find central CENTRAL SOURCE FOR IMAGES sources of images where they can use with permission. All images indexed by Imgembed are good to use with permission. AUTO-ATTRIBUTION ON IMAGES No manual attribution required. All images are automatically It's troublesome to attributed with creators' names, attribute users' names even with the Creative Common licenses. even on search engines (e.g. Google Images) and social sharing networks (e.g. Pinterest). I didn't know what I was doing was illegal. I didn't know you were using my images. HEALTHY AND FRIENDLY COMMUNITY Win-win solution for creators and users. Hey, I'm using your images! Thank you for using my images ethically. WHY RISK BREAKING THE LAW, WHEN YOU CAN NOW USE IMAGES FOR FREE (OR LOW-COST), ETHICALLY? LOOK OUT FOR THIS MARK WHEN USING/SHARING ONLINE IMAGES, IT REPRESENTS FAIR IMAGE USE. img imgembed IMGEMBED.COM

Stealing Images Online VS Using Images Fairly

shared by DesignTaxi on Aug 29
Besides being illegal, did you know that it is more troublesome to steal images online, as compared to using them ethically? Why risk breaking the law, when you can now use images for free (or low-cos...



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