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Staying Safe Online

Staying safe online PROBLEM 1 Online Transactions are 99.8% secure, but for some that 0.2% is still too risky. I The modern Worlds online Commerce system relies on the secrecy afforded by the Public Key Cryptographic System I Attackers could use Public Key s to guess the corresponding private keys that are used to decrypt data. 1 After reviving millions of Public Keys used by websites to encrypt transactions, a team of U.S and European cryptanalysts, it was found that a significant number may be vulnerable. 6.6 Million Public Keys were studied 12,720 were not secure at all 27,000 others were vulnerable CAUSE 10 Tips for staying secure online 2e 203 3. PASSWORD Regularly update your operating system & applications Use different passwords for different areas of your life Use a modern browser & update often 46 5€ Have a firewall installed Watch your credit cards & bank statements closely - to spot potential scams on your computer VIRUS DETECTED Verisign Secured Beware of short, odd tweets & Facebook messages, even from friends that provide a link Ensure transactions are submitted Use anti-spyware/anti-adware protection software securely - look for the Lock Icon 10 If someone asks for info online, first ask why and what they plan to do with it. Most companies will never ask for you information via email or instant message. Don't think you are immune just because you are using a Mac or IOS device, Androids open source platform sees it attractthe most attention for its security risks, but Apples huge market share makes it an extremely profitable target for criminals. Top 20 passwords of 2012 4% password 123456 12345678 abc123 qwerty monkey letmein dragon 111111 estimated % of users who yse a variațion Baseball of the word "password" lloveyou Trustno1 1234567 Sunshine Master 123123 welcome Shadow Ashley Football 16% How lọng are your passwords Overall % of ysers who create passwords 13 characters i% 12 characters 2% using a person's first name 11 characters 4% 10 characters 9% 9 characters 12% 8 characters 20% 25% 7 characters 19% 6 characters* 26% Proportion of ysers who use an ascending 5 characters 4% sequence of letters or nymþers * The most common length of password is 6 characters. Falling short of the recommended length for best password protection SALUTION Tips for creating passwords Microsoft recommend that all passwords be at least seven characters long and contain a mix of four different types of characters, complying with the American Standard Code for Interchange (ASCII) A strong password should contain UPPERCASE LETTERS lowercase letters 1234567890 !£ %$ &#?/>

Staying Safe Online

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An informative infographic on how to stay secure online. Infographic details the best way to create a password, buy online.


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