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State of the Union: Page Speed & Web Performance [Summer 2013]

SUMMER STATE OF THE UNION 2013 PAGE SPE ED & WEB PERFORMANCE We tested the load times of the top 500 retail web sites and found that the median site takes 4.9 seconds to become interactive and 7.72 seconds to fully load. 13.7% Pages Are </> Getting Slower slowdown </> </> The median load time for the top 500 ecommerce sites is 7.72 seconds for first-time visitors using </> Chrome. This represents a <3s 6.79s 7.36s 7.65s 7.72s 13.7% slowdown since IDEAL LOAD TIME SPRING 2012 FALL 2012 SPRING 2013 SUMMER 2013 Spring 2012. 70,000 Median Load Time 7.72s 60,000 50,000 40.000 30,000 20,000 10,000 Page Size HD The median page is 1095 KB and JPEG contains 91 resources (images, CSS CSS SS JavaScript, CSS files, etc.) This represents 8% growth since 91 resource requests JPEG Spring 2012. CSS Resource Requests 1095kb median page size 84 Spring 2012 89 Fall 2012 CSS E Tube 93 Spring 2013 HD 91 Summer 2013 Pages Take Too Long To Become Interactive The median page takes 4.9 seconds to load feature content. Ideally, pages should be interactive in less than 3 seconds. After 3 seconds, 57% of consumers say they are likely to abandon a page. 14 12 10 had a TTI of 8 or more seconds 9% Median Time 4.9s 4 Ideal Load Time. 3s 2 Web Performance Best Practices The use of performance best practices, such as using a content delivery network and implementing compression, has either declined or plateaued. Site owners who neglect core best practices miss out on the opportunity to make relatively easy performance gains. USE A CDN ENABLE KEEP-ALIVES COMPRESS IMAGES 8% of sites use image compression COMPRESS TEXT 53% of sites use text compression 50.6% 50.8% 57.6% 58.4% 86% 86.8% 86.4% 90% SPRING 2012 FALL 2012 SPRING SUMMER 2013 2013 SPRING 2012 FALL 2012 SPRING SUMMER 2013 2013 Browser Performance Across all three major browsers, performance has either plateaued or is trending downward as browser vendors struggle to keep pace with the demands of today's large, complex, dynamic web pages. Firefox Internet Explorer 10 Chrome 7.18s 7.42s 7.70s 7.67s 7.65s 7.72s SPRING 2013 SUMMER 2013 SPRING 2013 SUMMER 2013 SPRING 2013 SUMMER 2013 Based on a survey of the top 500 retail web sites, as ranked by Each site's home page was tested in Chrome 27, Firefox 21, and Internet Explorer 10 using a third-party tool called WebPagetest. 0000 radware © 2013 Radware, Ltd. All rights reserved. | Al logos are the property of their respective owners. LOAD TIME (MILLISECONDS)

State of the Union: Page Speed & Web Performance [Summer 2013]

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How fast are leading ecommerce sites? We tested the top 500 retail websites and found that a typical site takes almost 5 seconds to deliver key content. This is significantly slower than users' wait-t...




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