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State of the Internet in the US

THE STATE OF THE INTERNET IN THE US WHY AMERICANS ARE LOSING THE INTERNET SPEED RACE И 6.7 6.9 7.1 7.1 7.3 8.1 8.8 8.8 9.310.9 15.7 16% 11% 7.0% 5.7% 5.3% 4.3% 4.0% 3.0% 3.0% 1.9% AVG CONNECTION SPEED (MBPS) O WEB TRAFFIC BY COUNTRY AMERICA IS 12TH IN INTERNET SPEED DESPITE BEING #2 IN OVERALL INTERNET TRAFFIC (BEHIND CHINA) MILLIONS OF PEOPLE IN THE POOREST AND MOST RURAL AREAS DON'T HAVE AFFORDABLE ACCESS - 2.2 MILLION IN NYC ALONE SOUTH KOREA UNITED STATES 100 MILLION PEOPLE (1/3) LACK HOME ACCESS TO BROADBAND AMERICANS HAVE FEWER CHOICES AT LOWER SPEEDS 70% of Americans have high speed connections 94 of South Koreans have high speed connections 6.7. MBPS AVG SPEED CHECK IT OUT! 15.7 MBPS AVG SPEED $46 Average $38 Average Price Price POWERFUL COMPANIES DOMINATED IN US WIRELESS MARKET O 2012 94% 75% 34% 32% of new broadband subscription of country's only in Q3 2012 went to cable option is cable MARKET SHARE MARKET SHARE Comcast, TIME WARNER CABLE at&t verton verizon 22% MARKET SHARE 14% MARKET SHARE 12% MARKET SHARE NEITHER OFFER UNLIMITED DATA CAPS CONTROL CONTROL 48% 66% MARKET SHARE MARKET SHARE 5263 USES = 450MB USES NOW: A NOW: %3D %3D OF DATA PER MONTH AV GERAGE US SMARTPHONE USER OF DATA PER MONTH AVG. US HOUSEHOLD PROJECTION RATE: PROJECTION RATE: 2.6GB + 100M 2016 LATER: 4х2016 OF DATA PER MONTH MORE SMART PHONES WIRELESS AND BROADBAND CEOS Comcast. at&t TIME WARNER CABLE Broadband and Wireless verizon CEOS are some of highest paid 500-1000X average employee salary (Average for US corporation is 380x) do you ever wonder $27M $26M $22M $16.4M how much these CEO's get paid? BRIAN ROBERTS IVAN SEIDENBERG RANDALL STEPHENSON GLENN BRITT GOVERNMENT E atat verizon $500M 49 members of Congress are AT&T shareholders SPENT LOBBYING IN MICHAEL POWELL FCC CHAIRMAN MEREDITH ATTWELL BAKER FCC COMMISSIONER FEDERAL GOVERNMENT One of the FCC commissioners who approved Comcast's merger with NBC Universal, left the agency four months later to join Comcast as a highly-paid lobbyist Served as FCC chairman for four GOVERNMENT years. He become CEO of the National Cable and Telecommunications. He is now the cable and telecom industry's top D.C. lobbyist SHOULD THE INTERNET BE CONTROLLED BY A SELECT FEW? ©2013 Created by: SATELLITE INFORMANT View the original at RESOURCES: • • • • • • • HIGH SPEED CONNECTIONS

State of the Internet in the US

shared by geradhoyt on Jan 30
Just where does the us stand in terms of internet speeds and access? Terms out behind many and steadily falling!


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