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The SSD Solution

THE SSD SOLUTION PC problems - we've all experienced a great deal of frustration when our PC doesn't do what we need it to do. PC manufacturers are debating what the next generation of PCs will look like in order to give us the performance that we want. New storage technology- in the form of Solid State Drives - can go a long way in bridging the gap from the PCs of yesterday to the PCs of tomorrow. What We Want From Our PCs SPEED 18% of people who We live in an Always On, Always recently purchased a tablet said they did so Connected world. When we need to because it's quicker to access information, we want to do it start than a desktop or quickly, and we have little patience for boot up times. laptop. RELIABILITY The #2 most common problem people report And because of our need to access with their laptops is with information fast, we don't have time for the hard drive, which is our devices to crash. We need them to be reliable, so we can do what we need to do, when we need to do it. prone to crashes and failures. PORTABILITY A hard drive accounts for about 10% of the We're constantly on the go - and don't want heavy PCs slowing us weight of an ultra-light notebook. But if you swap out the hard drive with an SSD, only about 1% of the weight will down. We expect our devices to keep up with us. come from the SSD. The Future Is Bright THE GOOD NEWS? ADVANCED SSD TECHNOLOGY! NO MOVING PARTS SSD In addition to a controller and firmware, a typical SSD uses NAND flash memory. This is a non-volatile type of computer storage chip that can be electronically programmed and erased. Unlike hard drives, SSDS don't have moving parts - simply put, a hard drive requires mechanical movement to get information. This is one of the reasons why SSDS are faster, more reliable and lighter than hard drives. SSDS ARE FAST That's faster than the time it takes to tie 8X FASTER SSDS are 8 times faster than hard drives. An SSD takes only 6 seconds to write 4,000 files and only 10 seconds to write a full HD 1080p 5GB movie. your shoes A hard drive can take up to 49 seconds to write 4,000 files and up to 47 seconds to write a full HD 1080p 5GB movie. SSDS ARE RELIABLE With an SSD, a user can write 40GB/day for 13.5 years before wearing out the drive - that's much longer and with a heavier workload than most of us would ever think of using! That's equivalent to saving 4,000 10MB PowerPoint files or 2,000 20MB JPEG images... every day! SSDS ARE PORTABLE SSDS are up to 10 times lighter than hard drives. SSD A hard drive can weigh up to 99 grams. That's the equivalent of 17 US quarters. Compare that to a SSD designed for an ultra-light notebook, which can weigh as little as 10 grams. That's less than two US quarters and 89% lighter than a hard drive! PC Users Want SSDS Approximately 14 million SSDS will be purchased directly by consumers in 2013. These after-market purchases will allow users to upgrade Worldwide SSD shipments are set to 83 MILLION rise to 83 million units in 2013. the existing hard drives in their PCs. Get ready for the next generation of PCs. Find out more about how SSD technology is helping to usher in a new era of faster, lighter and more reliable PCs. VISIT WWW.SAMSUNG.COM/GREENMEMORY Samsung: Leading the Market in SSD Sales and Innovation Source List: Forward Insights Q4 2012 more-than-Double-This-Year-on-Renewed-Ultrabook-Hopes.aspx satisfaction_macbooks_rule.html Research_2012_Consume r Technology _Report.pdf pro_ssd_benchmark_review_test, 15.html Samsung Semiconductor internal presentation, available upon request SAMSUNG

The SSD Solution

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Know what an SSD is? SSD=Solid State Drive. We worked with Samsung to help illustrate just what a solid state drive is and show the solid state drive benefits in PCs. From speed to reliability and eve...





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