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Speed Up WordPress

How to Speed Up WORDPRESS and Boost Site Performance source: wpbeginner, Wikipedia Why Performance Matters? O decrease bounce rates O increases time spent on a page O often increases page views O SEO benefits O increases indexing rate Solutions 1. Get a better and more reliable Webhost 2. Install Caching Methods cache What is PAGE CACHE? php MYSQL Plug ins HTML CONTENT W3 Total Cache WP Super Cache Hyper Cache cache What is DATABASE CACHE? Plug ins W3 Total Cache DB Cache Reloaded php MYSQL PHP Requests Data >> Database Runs a Query to Fetch Data >> Database Returns Data that is requested. HTML CONTENT Cache Eliminates the whole query processing time and load. cache Plug ins What is BROWSER CACHE? W3 Total Cache php MYSQL HTML CONTENT Images and other static files are stored in your Browser Cache by default. But you can choose how often each files gets to stay in the cache. This will help users as they surf through your site by loading images from their browser cache rather than requesting from the web server. 3. Content Delivery Networks A content delivery network or content distribution network (CDN) is a system of computers containing copies of data, placed at various points in a network so as to maximize bandwidth for access to the data from clients throughout the network. A client accesses a copy of the data near to the client, as opposed to all clients accessing the same central server, so as to avoid bottle- necks near that server. 4. Minify • Use Excerpts instead of full posts • Show a maximum of 10 posts on your archive page • Use smaller images (optimize them) minify Original Minified Minifying your CSS, and JS files help you save energy single kilobyte that you can from your front end files (CSS, JS, etc). By doing this, you will save a grand total of few milliseconds. W3 Total Cache does this job for you if you need it. 5. Database Maintenance Get Rid of Garbage • Clean Options (plug-in) - Finds abandoned options and removes them from the database. Optimize your Database •WO-DBManager - allows you to optimize and declutter your database. Post Revisions post rev POST REVISIONS (01101. C10181A1 Disable Post Revisions: define(WP_POST_REVISIONS', false); Note: Add this in your wp-config php file Teture Disable All Existing Post Revisions: DELETE FROM wp_post WHERE post_type ="revision"; 10330155 1100101 Note: Run this query in your PHPMyAdmin conple Limit Post Revisions: define('WP_POST_REVISIONS', 3); Note: Add this in your wp-config.php file Change Auto Save Intervals: define('AUTOSAVE_INTERVAL', 300 ):// seconds 13 Note: Add this in your wp-config php file 6. Limiting HTTP Queries Plug-ins are GREAT, but... • They can increase your site load time when they add custom stylesheet(s) and JavaScript(s). • One or two plugins does not matter, but when you have 8 - each adding 1CSS and JS file, you've got yourself 16 HTTP requests - which can/should be limited. Disable Additional Stylesheets disable add'i stylesheet DISABLE ADDITIONAL STYLESHEETS COTHCBTORY 1. Locate the style name in your plugin's php file by looking for "wp_enqueue_style". 2. In our example, we will use Cleaner Gallery Plugin, so the file is (gallery.php) where you will see a code like this: fconpley Teomol wp_enqueue_style(' cleaner-gallery', CLEANER_GALLERY_URL. 'cleaner-gallery.css', false, 0.8,' all'); 10TUe Now you know the name of the handle for the style which is 'cleaner-gallery. Then you woulkd need to open your theme's functions.php file and add the following code: foonplex Cinu( feonple 79ue11e10101016 a11016 fcomplex ci float s -1.00 add_action('wp_ print_styles','my_deregister_styles', 100 ); function my_deregister_styles() { wp_deregister_style('cleaner-gallery'); wp_deregister_style('You know you have more plugins'); 1018 Oops! THE THEME IS BROKEN! SÓ let's fix it... Disable Additional Stylesheets Copy the plugin's CSS file (in this case "cleaner- gallery.css") and paste it in your theme's style.css file. Repeat this STEP for all plugins that are adding addi- tional CSS files. Disable Additional JavaScripts Load only When Needed java script DISABLE ADDITIONAL JAVASCRIPTS 1. Locate the style name in your plugin's php file by looking for "wp_enqueue_script". Open your theme's functions.php file and add the following code: add_action('wp_print_scripts', 'my_deregister_javascript', 100); function my_deregister_javascript() { wp_deregister_style('cleaner-gallery'); wp_deregister_style(contact-form-7"); Be careful when merging JavaScripts. Sometimes they do not work, so you must know what you are doing. You can learn Trial and Error (like a lot of us do), but I recommend that you do not try this on a live site. LOAD ONLY WHEN NEEDED Utilize the Condional Tags to load scripts and other elements only when they are needed. For example: add_action('wp_print_scripts', 'my_deregister_javascript', 100); function my_deregister_javascript() { if ( lis_page('Contact')) { wp_deregister script('contact-form-7'); Contact Page Script is not needed on all pages, so in the example above we are deregistering this script from the header on all pages except for the Contact Page. E12 F10 11 E9 F8 E7 E6 F5 E4 E2 E1 8. Esc Enter 1 Shift Tab CapsLock Alt н ↑ Shift Alt Ctrl DON'T FORGET THE BASICS - Keep WordPress updated. - Keep your plugins updated. -Delete inactive plugins.

Speed Up WordPress

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How to speed up WordPress and boost your site's performance.




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