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Software usability

INTRODUCTION FOR SOFTWARE DEVELOPERS Software usability EFFICIENCY The extent to which a product can be used by specified users to achieve specified goals with effectiveness, efficiency, and satisfaction in a specified context of use. EFFECTIVENESS achieving goals ISO standard 9241-11 SATISFACTION product 6 MOST IMPORTANT BENEFITS OF USABILITY cost reduction of helpdesk and documentation cost reduction of revisions of the product time reduction of application development T00- even up to 40% users' prodytuctivity increase creating competitive advantage cost reduction of trainings up to 40h 202% „i 2 SOFTWARE IS NOT FREE OF BUGS Users are almost ten-times more likely to encounter a usability problem in a business application than a website. websites Jeff Saure Measuring Usability business applications HOW MUCH DO REVISIONS COST? Once a system is in development, correcting a problem costs 10 times as much as fixing the same problem in design. If the system has been released, it costs 100 times as much relative to fixing in design. how much can usability issues cost? up to G0% Up to 60% of budget is spend on solving problems which could be avoided by doing abiity research on the early stage 60% 40 é development 20% 0% Thomas Gilb Principles of Software Engineering Management How much does improving usability cost? 10$ 100$ TO% approximately IS Even about 10% of the project's budget will be enough to improve usability and avoid costly changes after the release. revisions of the fieished project revisions at the design stage revislons al the implementation stage SOURCE CODE IS TESTED - IT'S TIME TO TEST THE ERGONOMICS OF INTERFACES the usual process - users discover usability issues on the finished application consequences of no usability research DEVELOPIMENT CYCLE spending money on solving the problems that could have been avoided implomentatan testing soure code O remaining unidentified issues that may increase costs of support design O danger of spending money on unnecessary features development discovering bugs O users migration to a simpler competitor's application process including usability - issues are discovered and fixed on the early stage of the development benefits of usability testing V discovery of usablity issues and their causes DEVELOPMENT CYCLE V recognition of product's key features testing usabiity testing designing for V verifying how users really use the product Implerentation source cade V yaining insight helpful in the product design discovering issues discovering issues WHAT DOES USER TESTS LOOK LIKE? ( nppruimate time of researche 3-7 days a participants reerultVarget grou review of the requirements analysis and presentation of findings with recommendations from running tests creating the research seript HOW TO BEGIN? AGILE USABILITY desige desige desige AGILE lesting coding coding coding COMPANIES WITH USABILITY DEPARTMENTS Facetoek Mierosoft Marila Oracle Instagram Yahou Foursguare Dropbes Arteb Pinterest SRE--------------- ..and many more ASK FOR USABILITY SERVICES FOR YOUR COMPANY usability research + 48 530 83 76 29 designing interfaces graphic design nn witflow usability consulting [email protected] design workshops workshops for IT SOURCES Glib (198a) Saaro (201 Bas 6 Mavhew (199) ISO 9241-11t199) Mancus (2002) Muscichuwska (2009) Nielaen (2003) lesting

Software usability

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Caring for software usability pays off both in time and cost of implementation, reducing number of hours for training and increasing the efficiency of the application usage. And most of all, a useful...



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