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Software Terrorists: Scams and Viruses

COMPUTER THREATS. 므 므므 A BREAKDOWN: THE SPREADING INFECTION OF SOFTWARE VIRUSES & SCAMS UIRUS! UIRUG! UIRUG! UIRUG! UIRUS! WARNING UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! WARNING A WARNING A WARNING A WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING WARNING IN A SINGLE YEAR 1,656,227 Computer viruses, worms, and trojans were found active IN 2002 THERE WERE ONLY 20,000 THREATS 2.6 million Total malicious code threats have been dectected DATA BREACH 23 % 6.7 MILLION 27 % 23% of all malicious activity was US based The average cost of a data breach was $6.7 million 27% of data breaches occurred in the education sector PHISHING 24% 76% 76% of all phishing scams target the financial industry 24% TARGET: ISP, RETAIL, INTERNET GOVERNMENT, ONLINE GAMING FINE PRINT Each card number sells for $0.06 to $30 Each account sells YOUR MONEY for $10 - $1000 Credit card info accounts for 32% of all stolen information that was sold Bank account credentials represent another 19% of sold information ALL YOUR ACCOUNTS HACKED SYMANTEC: is the largest developer of computer security software. SPAM LEVELS THEY TRACK OVER 32,000 VULNERABILITIES 2007 SPANNING 72,000 TECHNOLOGIES 2008 +192% AND 11,000 VENDORS They process 8 billion phishing and spams emails per day SYMANTEC observes about 75,000 bot-infected machines per day 13% of them are in China, making it the most infected country 4% are in Buenos Aires, the most infected city & WHICH BROWSER IS LOOKING OUT FOR YOU? APPLE MOZILLA Apple safari takes 9 days on avg. between identification of vulnerability and providing a patch to secure it. Mozilla firefox takes less than one day VS WARNING WARNING A WARNING * WARNING WARNING WARNING UIRUS! UIRUS! DIRUS! UIRUS! DIRUS! UIPUS! UIRUS! UIRUS! UIRUG! UIRUS! 드 PLS ! 드 P ! 드 고모 드고 ㄷ ! 드고 ! WARNING WARNING WARNING 1209_v2.pdf Press%20Releases security_threat_report_xiv_04- 200g.en - us.pdf

Software Terrorists: Scams and Viruses

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We've all been there. Emails saying you've already won money, pop-up ads that want you to click and claim a free prize. Online scams and viruses can not only put your computer at risk, but also your p...




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