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Sina Weibo's 4 Steps to Dominance in China

Sina Microblog in China In China |65,000,000 REGISTERED USERS TR. Facts about Sina MicroBlog: TOTAL IN THE WHOLE COUNTRY is one of the dominant online group in China, it is also of the major blog host in the country, in fact with Microsoft Live Spaces services shutting, the previous live spaces will be transferred to's blog sites. 69.5% Now hosts yet again in the dominant position the microblogging service in China, the Sina Microblog, or Weibo k as we call it in China. 69.9% OF USERS PREFER SINA MICROBLOG Microblog user preferences: In China 69.7% of users prefer to use Sina Microblog instead of other similar services, which amongst them is the largest internet company in China Tencent. THAN OTHER AVAILABLE SERVICES IN CHINA Sina Weibo 20,000 Verifications including: Verification 466 Media Groups 118 New Paper Publications 243 Magazine Publications 36 TV Stations Internet user preferences: 59.79% of internet users not yet using microblog said they will use Sina Microblog if they will register one. 69 Radio Stations 41 Government Institutions 60 Police Stations 59.79% 李 开 复 v 2 北京 。 : #SEELR I'm Staying in Beijing 创新 工场 CEO 2009-9-4 12:23 *E 转发 ( 60 ) | 收藏 | 评论 ( 146 ) v 已 关注 取消 请 不要 乱说 我 加入 ideaLab . 我 不 加入 任何 公司 , 我 会 自己 做 一个 青年 创业 平台 。 下星期 会 AAESEE. Please do not make random speculations Former CEO of Google China KaiFu Lee's official statements on Weibo on his resignation from Google. (2009) 2009-9-4 12:03 来自 新浪 微 博 转发 ( 142 ) | 收藏 | 评论 ( 168 ) 点 时间 和 耐心 。 保证 是 很酷 的 。 谢谢 大家 的 支持 , Thank you for your supports 2009-9-4 11:19 来自 新浪 微 博 转发 ( 376 ) | 收藏 | 评论 ( 195 ) A. Good bye, Google OVER 2,000,000 FOLLOWERS 2009-9-4 11.17 来自 关联 博客 转发 ( 167 ) 收藏 | 评论 ( 56 ) March to June, Sina Weibo's users increased from 25,109,000 to 44,358,300 Total number of followers of the Top 100 most followed users in Weibo = 1/3 of Twitter March 2011, Weibo will OVERTAKE Twitter in user base Data from 全开 复 自传 世界 因 你 不同

Sina Weibo's 4 Steps to Dominance in China

shared by rmmojado on Mar 24
Twitter is virtually nonexistent in China–yes, there are some foreigners and international Chinese who run VPNs to access Twitter–but their numbers are dwarfed by the users of China’s homegrown ...


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