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Simple Tweaks To Bolster Your Local SEO Success

SIMPLE TWEAKS To Bolster Your LOCAL SEO Success With the release of the Pigeon Update last July, the emphasis has once again shifted toward local search. As such, how can you prep your website for local search success? WHY INVEST IN LOCAL 4 out of 5 people used local search. SEO? In a paper entitled "Understanding Consumers' Local Search Behavior," search engine giant Google outlined the benefits of investing in local SEO. According to the These consumers wanted to раper: know product availability, store hours and directions. Participants of the study placed importance VO+ on including directions in local PPC ads. 70 percent of computer and tablet users and 61 percent of smartphone users expressed their preference for ads that targeted local users. 19 percent of those surveyed reported making unplanned visits to a store after viewing location-based ads. Here are a few things to avoid and a few more things to do. WHAT TO AVOID: Lack of home page content Provide customers and search engines useful and relevant content that will tell them about your business. ..... ....... Sparse page content Keyword stuffing Give your customers the information they need and are looking for. Don't send them elsewhere. Not only is this tactic outdated, it can also hurt your search engine ranking. Website design can make or break your business. Many will judge your company by its website design. Does your website design measure up? Hiring an expert to do your website design is well worth the investment. •..... ...... Poor title tags You only have 500 pixels worth of width for title tags. You aren't making that space count if you're simply using the keywords you are vying for. Make it count by putting a primary keyword phrase and your business's name. Web Images Maps Videos More - Search tools About 57,800,000 results (0.20 seconds) Event planning - Celebrate Birthdays, weddings, we do it all. For those special events in your life, count on us to make them memorable. WHAT TO DO Add city and state in the title tag Gain further utility from your title tag by adding your city and state. This will also help boost your website's local relevance. Web Images Maps Videos More Search tools About 57,800,000 results (0.20 seconds) Event planning - Celebrate Brisbane QLD Birthdays, weddings, we do it all. For those special events in your life, count on us to make them memorable. ••....... ............ Add city and state on the H1 heading Add city and state in your content You do not have to add both to the entire heading but make sure to include both in the page heading. Tweak your content to include city and state information to bolster local relevance. Planning a Party in Brisbane Queel. your spec ok no further th Brisbane QLD uaranteed succ isfied custo Planning a Party in Brisbane Queensland aqun vat. widmini va quorudiion uaoper ore •.... ... .... .... Add city and state to image alt text Search engines utilize alt text to discover information about your website. Adding city and state information on your alt text also boosts local relevance. Sydney Harbour Bridge in Sydney, NSW Add city and state to URLS Tweaking your URLS to include both details sends strong local search signals for search engines and prospective customers. Following these steps will allow your website to have a solid foundation for local SEO success which will serve as the perfect platform for further work. Once you have covered these areas you can now proceed to other tactics that will help boost your website's local SEO performance: Take advantage of local listing pages Publish blog posts regularly Make sure you complete your profile on pages like Google+, Yahoo! Local, Bing Local, Yelp, Foursquare and other listings relevant to your business. After that, verify that you own the business listing. Y bing locat yelp: foursquare Regular posting in blogs helps bolster SEO performance whilst providing visitors with useful information. Optimize your website Website optimization is one of the foundations for greater local visibility. Sometimes, covering this basic step is more than enough to bolster your website's performance on search engines. Make your website mobile-friendly Encourage reviews from customers More and more Online reviews help build your business's credibility and consumers are browsing websites using mobile devices. Make the browsing experience of these customers pleasant by investing in responsive design. trustworthiness. Make it easier for your customers to leave reviews by creating review options or soliciting feedback through email. Ensure that your business information is consistent Addresses, numbers and other pertinent information should be consistent across various Pick the social media platforms, from your website to social media accounts to business platform appropriate to listings. your audience Social media is a vital part of marketing your business online. In order to reap more benefits from it, find where your Make it visual customers are and focus on that. Supplement blog posts with infographics, videos and images which can catch and hold Invest in user experience customer attention. Before investing in bells and whistles, make sure that your website is easy to navigate and customers can find what Always be testing they are looking for. Allow room for change and test these before going full-scale. AB The key takeaway here is to shift the focus away from getting good ranks, and toward making your website useful and relevant to your intended audience. If you need further information and help with your local SEO, learn more about our services at Designed by superfastousiness Sources: Searches-Lead-50-of-Mobile-Users-to-Visit-Stores-Study ers-can-extend-their-relevance-with-search.html improve-_b_5784592.html

Simple Tweaks To Bolster Your Local SEO Success

shared by superfastbusiness on Nov 28
The right SEO can mean more customers for local businesses. In this infographic, find out how important local SEO is and what the best optimization practices are for your local business.


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