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Service Trends Around the World

Service trends around the world Europe USA Australia After launching JIRA Service Desk, a new service management tool that IT and business teams actually like to use, we toured around the world and talked with over 1,000 customers. In the process we collected some data about how everyone uses their service desk. Here are our findings: Australia and Europe love ITIL The "Information Technology Infrastructure Library," or ITIL, is a standardized set of information technology practices created by the UK government in 1980. Overall, Australia and the EU believe ITIL is more important than the US: 69% Australia 68% Europe 40% USA 66 USA is an outlier in its culture of "rugged individualism" and reduced costs. Europe and Australia are more focused on quality, longer term outcomes, and risk management. % who think ITIL is a "must have" 99 Rob England, “The IT Skeptic" Larger companies were represented Service management: not just for IT In United States and Australia, more than half 60% 1,00 employees were over use their service desk outside of IT Europe USA & Australia 64% USA & Australia 27% 1-100 7% 30% 101-1,000 |20% 1,000-10,000 46% 14% 10,000+ 26% 36% Europe The three most popular ways to get service outside of IT Human Resources Finance Sales HR is the most popular use Sales is the third most popular Europe has the highest usage of Finance as a service desk. of those who use case of service outside of IT use case. across the world. 30% Examples of how Sales uses a of those who use service outside of IT 40% service outside of IT service desk: use it for Finance. use it for HR. Account Examples of how Finance uses a service desk: information Examples of how HR uses a service desk: Accounting New employee 2= onboarding Competitive intel B88 on other products E Procurement 22 Feedback from 8 customers Payroll Benefits Relocation 66 Currently, more than half of organizations say that they are using service management outside of IT. There's a proven track record of service success, and areas like HR and Finance are taking advantage of good practices and technology. 99 Roy Atkinson, HDI Analyst The top priorities across the world Europe In Europe, customer satisfaction is the top priority, followed by self service and SLA compliance. United States Australia For the US, knowledge management, self-service, and customer satisfaction Self-service is the most important for Australia, followed by knowledge management and customer satisfaction. are equally important. |48% 51% 51% Customer satisfaction Knowledge management Implementing self-service 47% |46% 43% Implementing self-service Implementing self-service Knowledge management 46% |45% |40% SLA compliance Customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction 37% 26% 30% Knowledge management Automation Automation |25% |22% 29% Responsiveness to requests Responsiveness to requests SLA compliance 25% 21% |28% Automation SLA compliance Setting up a 'one stop shop' for employees 21% 19% 18% Setting up a 'one stop shop' for employees Setting up a 'one stop shop' for employees Responsiveness to requests 12% 8% |17% Providing visibility on performance Moving away from emails Multi-channel end user support 11% 8% |11% Moving away from emails Multi-channel end user support Moving away from emails |11% 17% 18% Supporting end-users across multi-channel Providing visibility on performance Providing visibility on performance 66 'Knowledge management best practices are key to enabling successful self-service and improving assisted service, ultimately increasing customer satisfaction. 99 Rick Joslin, HDI Executive Director, Certification & Training And the verdict is... the top priorities across the world are the same! Self service Knowledge Customer satisfaction management Atlassian XJIRA Service Desk Try out a free trial today

Service Trends Around the World

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This infographic highlights the trends of IT and the differences across countries in how they approach service.





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