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SEO Tuneup

SEO Tune-Up An Annual Checklist for Your Site's SEO Strategy It's that time of year again where we hit the gym, replace our fire alarm batteries, and take the car into the shop - it's also a great time to take a bird's eye look at your web site's SEO Strategy and give it a tune-up. Check Headlights Adjust Timing Belt Replace Air Filter strategies are evolving faster than ever. It's critical to see what's coming around the corner before your competition does! Stay up-to-date on the best SEO best practices as well as what keywords your customer base is using now. Some SEO tactics can be quite time consuming and may detract from other SEO work. Remember the law of diminishing retuns - aim to utilize your SEO time efficiently. SEO strategies employed by competitors can help shape your own strategy. Filter through public information to understand their strategies and learn valuable lessons. Maintenance Tips: Maintenance Tips: Maintenance Tips: 1. Track hours spent on SEO by tactic, evaluate each one's ROI and adjust accordingly. 1. Review your competitor's inbound links every 6 months; pursue the quality links you have yet to attain. 1. Read at Least 2 SEO blog posts every week 2X 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months 2. Monitor the SERP movements of top 2. Consider spacing out your major SEO projects throughout the year - as opposed to tackling every aspect every day 2. Attend an SEO conference this year competitors. Spot improvements or declines and analyze why. 3. Monitor keyword trends of your customer base via keyword search volume, social monitoring, and customer feedback. 3. Mix up your tasks during the day - avoid mistakes brought on by mental fatigue. 3. Follow your competitors' press coverage and social media for more strategy clues. SEO NEW Replace Sparkplugs Install GPS SEO strategies must work with your organization's road map. Keep your SEO folks connected with other departments and inform them fully of your business objectives. SEO strategy implementation can sometimes be monotonous work and cause burnout. Keep your SEO team's creative juices flowing throughout the year while sparking new ideas. Maintenance Tips: Maintenance Tips: 1. Have your SEO staff track your business developments at a macro-level. 1. Have at least 1 internal SEO-related contest this year (best infographic idea, most interesting blog post, etc.) #1 SEO 2. Include SEO staff during major marketing planning sessions. 2. Aim to have at least 1 off-site SEO brainstorming session a year. 3. Annually review your KPIS (Key Performance Indicators) to ensure they are still the ones you should use. 3. Challenge your SEO folks every 6 months to come up with a brand new SEO tactic. SEO lп 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months KPIS: RANK4EVER Upgrade Fuel Check Brakes SEO strategists know that quality content is the fuel that powers a site up in search rankings. Ensure your site has the best content you can produce and that it's easily found. SEO strategies and tactics sometimes don't work as well as hoped. Evaluate them over time and put the brakes on those with low ROls. Rotate Tires Maintenance Tips: Maintenance Tips: SEO strategies are often impacted by changes to Google's algorithm-and Google is placing increasing importance on "freshness". Keep your site's content as fresh as possible. 1. Keep your writers learning - both subject matter and writing skills. 1. Know the length of time to expect results so you will know when to evaluate tactics. Maintenance Tips: 2. Annually review your site's most popular content; then adjust your navigation to ensure visitors can find it. 1. Look at customer feedback, keyword search volume, and social monitoring for tips on targeting your content 2. Analyze the impact of your SEO strategies on your SERP rankings over time; adjust accordingly. KEYWORD: 2. Devise how your team can do what your trend-setting competitors are doing, BUT do it uniquely – and better! 1st 3. Ask yourself every 6 months: "If we had to replace one SEO strategy or tactic, which one should go and why?" 2nd Зrd 3. Consider a wiki-style internal linking system with your top keywords. 3. Point readers back to your best content with round-ups: "Best of Blogs", "The Year in Review", etc. 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months Presented By sparkplug DIGITA LI ш

SEO Tuneup

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SEO services and SEO optimization is rapidly changing in the digital world, so it's important to update and analyze your current strategy and make changes according to the market. This infographic pro...


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