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Secure Your Wi-Fi Network Using the Router Admin Console

CHANGE THE ROUTER PASSWORD CHANGE THE NETWORK NAME CHANGE THE WIFI PASSWORD If your router lets you it is recommended both the router user- name and password. Most routers comewith default login details. Most common default usernames are "admin" and "user". The Network Name or SSID is another default settings that we need to change. By default it will be the name of the router brand like TP-LINK, NETGEAR, LINKSYS etc. Leaving your WiFi network unprotected or using a weak wireless password is something you have to take care of immediately. mke sure to setup a strong and unique password made of small and capital letters, special characters and numbers. An make sure it's at least 12 characters long. Most common default passwords are "password" and "admin". Change these ASAP. Someone who knows the router brand will easily find the default login details. SECURE YOUR WI-FI NETWORK USING THE ROUTER ADMIN CONSOLE SELECT THE RIGHT SECURITY TYPE LOWER TRANSMIT POWER DISABLE REMOTE MANAGEMENT Disable the remote management feature if you are not using it. It allows anyone to login to your router using the Internet and all that person needs to know is the router login details. You don't want anyone to access your router settings and network without your permission. Choosing the right security type is essential for high wireless network security. Lowering the signal strength of your router is a good way if you live in a smaller apartment or house. There is no need to have your Wi-Fi signal outside your walls. By decreasing the Transmit Power you will keep the WIFI signal just for you and no one outside your house will be able to At the moment it is best to select WPA/WPA2-Personal. And for additional security use this combination WPA2-PSK and AES. connect.

Secure Your Wi-Fi Network Using the Router Admin Console

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What are the six essential changes you have to make in your router settings in order to secure your router and wireless home network.


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