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The Science of Analytics

THE SCIENCE OF ANALYTICS SEBRCHTR/a1 83 TR/B1ON TR/0I 03 Are you using all the data your analytics are telling you about? TR/ arON TRABI 83 of executives had created a data-driven organ what's keeping everyone = else behind? ONLY ion. 24% SEARCH TR/R1 PR3 PRS:/0211TR /ON Тop Barriers To Harnessing Digital Analytics Low executive buy-in 36% of executives don't rely on data to make decisions Poorly-articulated data strategy 70% of executives don't have a clearly-defined strategy Poor data quality Only 33% of firms trusted their data enough to benefit from it Poor data access 47% of marketers have siloed data Data illiteracy Only 21% of workers believe they have strong data literacy skills Lack of training 67% of managers and executives are not comfortable with their current analytics tool Lack of resources More than 50% of companies struggle to hire and retain trained data analytics professionals 1 00000 11 0 1 0 0 0 UP TO 00000 11111 00000 11111 73% Up to 73% of all data within an enterprise is never analyzed and neglecting analytics costs businesses' bottom line Why Is Data Analytics So Important? Poor data quality and analysis may lead to Poor Data Quality leads to an average of $15 million in annual losses Less productivity and growth Misguided business strategies Expensive and ineffective processes Increased costs Poor decision making Reputation damage Poor customer relationships Missed opportunities Data-driven organizations are 178% more likely to outperform peers in terms of revenue and profitability Who Needs Data Analytics Tools? Signs you need help with data analytics With a solid understanding of purpose, support from the right partners, well-developed data processes, and the right tools Data analytics can emporwer businesses to You don't have metrics to measure progress or success Identify opportunities for expansion You receive data in email form, without any visualization Identify potential risks You have a weak lead conversion process Develop more effective growth and marketing strategies Each department's data is stored separately and collaboration is difficult Develop innovative products and services Use data to inform decision-making Waiting on data slows down important business processes Manage complex supplier networks Google Analytics 360 is a great tool for data- driven organizations who want to get the most out of their data Improve customer acquisition and retention The 411 On Google Analytics 360 Formerly known as Google Analytics Premium Paid, enterprise- level tool for large businesses Add-on data management platform for more data quality control Integrates with other Google resources: FEATURES AND BENEFITS: O Campaign Manager 360 D Display & Video 360 Q Search Ads 360 Privacy: Ensures users' personal data is not at risk saleyforce marketing cloud Google Big Query 1 Optimize Advanced tools: BigQuery Export, Data Driven Attribution, and more Who Needs Google Analytics 360? Support: Enterprise support and training available Shorter delay: Access new data in less than 4 hours You should consider Google Analytics 360 if you: Unlimited sessions: Constantly run into sampling due to large data volume Data not subject to sampling after 500,000 sessions Make marketing and advertising decisions on an hourly or daily basis Combined reporting: Create reports that combine data from multiple properties Need advanced integration with other Google products Want more sophisticated analysis of hit-level data Time-saving: Supports imports of first- and third-party data Require service level agreements (SLAS) from vendors Need a team to help your organization make data-based decisions? Google Analytics 360 is partner-first – an expert team comes with the license The right Google Analytics 360 partner will support the business as it strives to capitalize on its data analytics investment How To Choose An Analytics Partner When searching for a Google Analytics 360 sales partner, 1 Provide strategic guid- ance for best practices to reach your goals 2 Share industry knowledge, regular content, and events 3 Guide you through Google's Analytics Maturity framework 4 Charge according to outcomes and results, rather than by the hour 5 Deliver regular customized trainings for your entire organization 6 Contribute simple, actionable ways to leverage the platform make sure they will: 7 Meet with you weekly to provide insights and technical expertise How do yoU know a partner has technical 2 Look for a partner with experience in your industry Ask to see a sampling of other clients they work with expertise? 3 Check for reference and reviews from raving fans 4 Verify partner is certified in all platforms you may be using Why Choose InfoTrust? Proprietary Products #GiveToGrow Truly Unbiased End-To-End Analytics Support Mentality Unlike other agencies, InfoTrust doesn't sell media the entire focus is on analytics Team of data analysts, Access to advanced InfoTrust Foundation is committed to giving products to supercharge data analysis – including Tag Inspector for governance of all data scientists, and engineers – supporting each client's unique needs back to communities and making decisions across the globe from your data your tags and data collection across all sites in the organization Infotrust strives to create "raving fans" through superior service and continuous improvement We are proud to share our latest net promoter score (NPS) of 75* Sources: Ready to dive into your treasure trove of data? Connect with InfoTrust html for the support you'll need! DEVELOPED BY NOWSOURCING 36% %02 33% 47% 21% 67% III

The Science of Analytics

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Analytics can tell you a lot about your company and learning how to use the data to your benefit is important for your success.




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