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Save Money with AMD ZeroCore Power Technology

SAVE MONEY WITH AMDA AMD ZEROCORE POWER TECHNOLOGY* (available with AMD Radeon" R7 250 and R7 240 Graphics) Did you know the average cost for electricity in the US is around... $0.10/KWH' .AND it has been increa sing over the last 10 years? New York $.17 California $.14 Texas Florida $.09 $.11 YEARS Don't be a statistic. Get more with your money with AMD Radeon R7 250 graphics and reduce your power consumption. GET MORE FOR YOUR DOLLAR SMB 500 PCs Enterprise & Public Sectors 10,000 PCs $5,264 $105,273 $4,211 $84,219 $3,158 $63,164 $2,105 $42,109 $1,053 $21,055 1 2 3 4 5 2 YEARS YEARS Based on $2.1054664 Annual Saving/Card. See assumptions in the appendix. That's an annual savings over $1,000 USD for SMBS (with 500 systems) and over $21,000 USD for large Enterprises (with 10,000 systems)! BEGIN SAVING IMMEDIATELY!!! HERE'S HOW. GAMING Introducing AMD ZeroCore Power technology, an AMD exclusive technology that effectively shuts down your GPU when you are away from your desk and reactivates when you are back. It is intelligent, automatic and designed for massive power savings. 41 4444 IDLE 44 AFK 444 444 AWAY FROM KEYBOARD Compare to similar cards from the competition, you SAVE MORE! 45% more energy efficient than the competing product Nvidia GT 6405 45% TOTAL POWER CONSUMPTION - KWh/day RADEONTM R7 250 0.072 NVIDIA GT 640 0.1272 0.02 0.04 0.06 0.08 0.10 0.12 0.14 AMDA PUSH YOUR PERFORMANCE RADEON GRAPHICS *AMD Zerolore Power is o technology offered by certain AMO Hodenn" products, whic hare designed to hteligently monage PU pover consumption in respon se to certain GPU loxd conditions Not all prodkx ts fexature all ter hnalogies - check with your component or systerm maru fax turer for spaifie model capabilities. i Soure US Erergy InfoNTIno tbn Administrotion http://www.eia.goweletricity/monthlyepm table grophercfm?t-eprnt 5 60,203 Septembar 2. Source: Smart grid insights Attp:// ity-price-trends-by-ser tor/ 3.Power Cansumption ota Soure: AMDIntemal System Power Testng 4. Based on assumptiorn the system is rurning 8 hours at ide/dayond 15 hours ot brg idle/day. GPU power CONI SLNTIP tion data is based on AMD Internol System Power lesting R7 250 kle: 6.4W Long lale: 1.3W GT 640 Nale: 5.9W Lang lade:SW "Long kale State: Nearly AN PEs can be configurad to turn off their displays after o lang period of relative hax tivity ond lack of user input. Ths is knowI as the bng idle state. 5. AMD nternol Power Measurements Kotol Power Consurmption/DayKWh)-AMD Rodean" R7 250 at 002 KWh/day. Nvilio GI 640 ot 0.122 KWy Day. Soure: AMD Intemal Power Meas arernernts. Assump tions Systerm kle Mode (8 Hours) Lang dle Mode(G Hours) Resalution, Calardepth Total Boad Power (W) Avg Aun Time Intake PC) Max Model Test /App 1920x1080. Sapphire R7 250 Ide made 1 min 64 251 32app Sapphire R7 250 1920x 1080, 32u pp Long idie made 1 min 13 254 Asus GT 540 1920x 1080 32app Ide made 1min 5.9 253 Asus GT 640 1920 1080 32upp Long idle mode 1 min 5.0 253 Configurations Based on test system, Intel i7-4960X @ 35 CHz, nte DX79SR, DOR3-1600, 4x4 CE, Windows 7 LNtimate 64-bit + SPI AMD Rodeon" R7 250 Grophits 2GB GOURS, widia CI 640 Graphics 208 GODRS, Drhers. B.2016 (AMD), 331.65 (Nwidta) ESTIMATED SAVINGS ESTIMATED SAVINGS COST OF ELECTRICITY

Save Money with AMD ZeroCore Power Technology

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Don’t be a statistic. Get more with your money with AMD Radeon R7 250 graphics and reduce your power consumption.




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