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The Salesperson as Customer Hero

DUN & BRADSTREET PRESENTS: THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER FINAL IN A SERIES OF SIX INFOGRAPHICS THE SALESPERSON AS CUSTOMER HERO EFFECTIVE SALESPEOPLE MAKE FOR HAPPY CUSTOMERS AND GOOD MARKETERS MAKE FOR EFFECTIVE SALESPECOPLE. With access to more data than ever, marketing teams control a universe of customer insight. In an age where customers are highly educated, this insight is critical for sales success. Marketing teams know what buyers are saying and what influences them. THE NEW CHALLENGE MANAGE AND SHARE MARKETING DATA TO HELP SALES TEAMS SHORTEN THE CYCLE AND QUICKLY MOVE TO PURCHASE. WHAT CAN SMART DATA MANAGEMENT DO FOR SALES? ENABLE real-time decision-making INCREASE efficiency and productivity across your sales workflow and faster business action ACCELERATE response to new market opportunities MEASURE sales performance and boost ROI on sales activities DATA-DRIVEN TARGETING 35%-50% OF SALES GO TO THE VENDOR THAT RESPONDS FIRST' Detailed prospect information is everywhere. Turning that data into actionable intelligence empowers you to target prospects with precision and predict qualified sales opportunities. Marketing teams can stand by their sales colleagues and equip them with right materials and content for each stage of the buyer journey. COLLECT ANALYZE [INTEGRATE INTERACT INTEGRATION PLAN TOM'8 TIME MACHINES WE'RE HI Belle, How's busIness? We've got some great tralning packages for new hlres In your Industry. HIRING! ACCELERATING THE SALES PIPELINE Sales teams need the right data to serve customers' needs throughout the entire buying cycle. It's not just about converting leads to customers, but also about maximizing customer value. 79% OF MARKETING LEADS NEVER CONVERT INTO SALES? 30%-50% OF LEADS ARE QUALIFIED BUT NOT YET READY TO BUY THE RIGHT DATA Assembling the right data assets means combining your own customer information with external data. The big picture will show industry-wide trends, your customers' overall needs, and changes they may be experiencing within the buyer process. ANALYTICS ACUMEN Good analytics reveal important patterns in your data. It's no longer just statistical, but behavioral and social media analysis that that informs the buyer's journey. Robust analytics identify needs your product can satisfy and predict if, when and how a buyer will purchase. WORKFLOW INTEGRATION You've wrangled your data and used analytics to create models that offer insight. Now leverage your sales workflow process to take action. Know when to call, who to call, what product suits, and who from your team should take charge. oEXECUTE, MEASURE, REPEAT WITH INSIGHT, SALES MEASURABLE GOALS ADJUST, REPEAT TEAMS CAN SHAPE AND SET NEW TARGETS TO HELP TO GAUGE INTERACTIONS SUCCESS, AND ACROSS EACH STEP ANALYZE MARKET EXPAND YOUR OF THE BUYER'S RESPONSE REACH JOURNEY DUN & BRADSTREET DELIVERS SALES INTELLIGENCE THAT ARMS YOUR SALES TEAMS TO CLOSE MORE LEADS AND MAXIMIZE NEW CUSTOMER VALUE. LEARM MORE ABOUT THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER THERE ARE FIVE MORE WAYS DATA CAN HELP CMOS OWN THE CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE. EXPLORE EACH OF THEM IN PREVIOUS INSTALLMENTS OF THE AGE OF THE CUSTOMER INFOGRAPHIC SERIES AT FOR MORE INFORMATION For more on how Dun & Bradstreet can help you thrive in the Age of the Customer, visit SOURCES 1. 2. 3.

The Salesperson as Customer Hero

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Effective salespeople make for happy customers,and good Marketers make for effective salespeople.


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