The Rise of the New App Economy

DEVELOPER ECONOMICS 2012 Key insights from the DEVELOPER ECONOMICS 2012 report. GET A FREE COPY OF THE FULL REPORT AT: wwW.DEVELOPERECONOMICS.COM THE RISE OF THE NEW APP ECONOMY Economy App APp Economy symbia E: BlackBerry In Cele Tust In Code We Trust 1os A TALE OF TWO PLATFORMS Developers are consolidating around iOS and Android – the average number of platforms that developers use concurrently dropped from 3.2 in 2011 to 2.7 platforms in 2012 MINDSHARE INDEX: TOP PLATFORMS 12011 12012 CURRENTLY USED BY DEVELOPERS (2012 vs. 2011) 76% 80% 70% 67% 66% 59% 60% 56% 53% 50% 46% 40% 36% 37% 34% 30% 20% 10% 0% Android iOS Mobile Windows BlackBerry Web Phone YEAR-ON-YEAR GAIN OR LOS Android iOS Mobile Windows BlackBerry Web Phone +13% +12% -5% +3% -24% IOS E: BlackBerry Windows Phone More than three- quarters of developers in our research, irrespective of main platform, reported that they are currently using Android. Blackberry Os continues to lose ground, while Windows Phone platform has yet to make a significant impact, despite Microsoft's alliance with Nokia. More than 50% of developers THE NARROWING GẶP BETWEEN SCREENS are now targeting tablets, with iOS developers most likely to do so. PERCENTAGE (%) OF DEVELOPERS TARGETING EACH DEVICE TYPE (PLATFORM NORMALISED) 90% 85% 80% 70% 60% 51% 50% 40% 33% 30% 27% 20% 10% 8% 0% Smartphones Tablets Feature Phones PCs/Netbooks TVs/set top boxes Smartphones are the most popular device targeted by developers today (85% are currently targeting smartphones), followed by tablets, with 51%. A solid 33% of developers are still targeting Cross-screen development varies greatly by platform. More than 75% of iOS developers are currently targeting tablets. This percentage is slightly lower for mobile web, BlackBerry and Android developers. Internet-enabled feature phones. O. THE APP O POVERTY LINE One in three developers live below the "app poverty line"; they cannot rely on apps as a sole source of income. AVERAGE REVENUE PER APP MONTH ACROSS THE LOWER 95% OF DEVELOPERS BY PER-APP REVENUE Around 25% of all developers do not generate any revenue at all. On the revenue-generating side, 14% of developers will make somewhere between $500 and $1,000 per app, while 13% will generate between $1,001 and $5,000 per app per month. $3,853 $3,693 $2,735 Less than 7% of all developers will make more than $10,000 per app per month. The average revenue per month per app is highly dependent on platform - with BlackBerry and being in the lead. $1,234 NOTE: To measure revenues by platform, we excluded developers that do not care about making money and controlled for outliers by considering the lower 95% of revenue-making developers. BlackBerry iOS Android Windows Phone COST-HEAVY TP PLATFORMS The average app will take approximately three man-months to develop - Java ME and Blackberry are the platforms with the fastest development time (and lowest cost) while iOS is the most expensive in terms of development cost. AVERAGE COST TO DEVELOP AN APP PER PLATFORM iOS is the most costly platform to target, with an average cost of $27,000 per app, 21% more expensive than Android and 81% more expensive than Blackberry. The low-cost platforms include Windows Phone and mobile web, with an average $27,463 $22,637 development cost that is 17% higher than Blackberry. $17,750 $15,181 Of course - app development costs are closely linked to app category; communication and social networking apps (e.g., Foursquare, WhatsApp) require 14% more development time than maps and navigation apps (e.g., TomTom), and 52% more than news and media apps (e.g., Economist). NOTE: To measure costs per platform, we have considered the lower iOS Android Windows BlackBerry 95% of apps in terms of development time, across all categories Phone THE NEW APP ECONOMY 70% of developers see most downloads coming from local markets IS LOCAL North America dominates unique app imports across all regions, with 36% of developers outside North America, on average, seeing it in their top-3 download regions. Developers in North America see relatively small demand from other regions, with Europe being their top export region but not far ahead of Asia. Europe North 29% 62% America 40% 22% 74% 17% 17% 73% 15% 4% 3% |10% Asia 28% 54% 21% 40% 41% 56% Latin America 22% 13% 33% Africa 7% 22% 22% Oceania • North America • Latin America • Europe • Asia • Africa • Oceania • Demand in region Demand outside of region LOOKING FOR MORE? Visit for 19 live, interactive graphs based on the Developer Economics research • Which are the top mobile platforms for newbie versus veteran developers? • How do developers rate each app store on revenue potential, promo options etc? • Which platforms provide the highest monthly, per app revenues, for developers based in Asia? Find out the answers and much more! This infographic presents some of the major findings from our Developer Economics 2012 research. The full report is available for free dowmload, thanks to the sponsorship by BlueVia. CREATED BY: SPONSORED BY: vision mobile |BlueVia Visit to get your free copy *Licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License Mobile

The Rise of the New App Economy

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The Rise of the new App Economy – presenting some of the key findings and insights from VisionMobile's Developer Economics 2012 research report.


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