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The Right Price for Cybercriminals

With a little cash, Gне RIGHT PRICE cybercriminals can purchase malware to carry out their misdeeds. These kits are inexpensive – often comparable to items consumers buy every day. FÖR CYBERCRIMINALS NEUTRINO BOT MALWARE KIT $200 The Neutrino Bot malware kit can infect a large number of computers to create a bothet that can Compare to: ENTRY-LEVEL TABLET 8.9" SCREEN, 4GB HDD bring down websites with distributed cenial-of-service NEUTRINO (DDOS attacks $199 Costs less than DDOS bot I WEEK GROCERIES 82230 314458 FOR A FAMILY OF 4 $235 BETABOT 1.6 REMOTE ACCESS TROJAN BETABOT 1.6 is a BETAB 0T16 ¢500 remote access Trojan botnet kit that can run CDOS attacks and steal sensitive cata passwords and files from a Compane to: PRO BASEBALL OUTING TICKETS, PARKING, HOTDOGS, DRINKS AND BALLCAPS FOR 4 large number of infected $491 computers. Costs less than PREMIUM SMARTPHONE UNLOCKED, 16GB $619 BETABOT 1.6 JOLLY ROGER STEALER CREDENTIAL STEALER Compare to: COFFEE HOUSE LATTE ¢500 EVERY DAY. FOR 4 MONTHS. $448 JOLLY ROGER STEALER Costs less than LUXURY HANDBAG DESIGNER LABEL $550 Specialized matware that helps to steat login credentials stored on infected machines. STONED CAT BOT MOBILE MALWARE KIT $1,000 STONED CAT is a malware kit that STENED CaT can be used to remotely control a user's Android phone, including reacing text messages and sending messages Compare to: ONE CREDIT HOUR COLLEGE PRIVATE 4-YEAR COLLEGE in the victim's $910 name. RDOUS EICAL ANGER Costs less than 7-DAY CRUISE FOR ONE PERSON (AVG.) 66583 26539 $1,501 ... . .. . MPLOCKER RANSOMWARE MPLOCKER IS SPECIALIZED MALWARE THAT HELPS CROOKS ENCRYPT A VICTIM'S PHONE AND DEMAND RANSOM IN EXCHANGE FOR DECRYPTING THE PHONE SO THE VICTIM CAN USE IT AGAIN. $2,000 TWO ROUND-TRIPS FROM NYC TO SAN FRANCISCO IN AN AVERAGE CAR $1,940 MPLOCKER Costs less than 10% DOWN PAYMENT ON AVERAGE NEW CAR $3125 BREAK-IN& BREAK EM BUNDLE ALL 5 MALWARE KITS 00 $4,200 MPLOCKER VOMED CAT S7ENED CRTS NEUTRINO BETABOT 1.6 ind.w nhe Compare to: AVERAGE COST OF A DATA SECURITY BREACH $3.5 MILLION A WORD FROM OUR SPONSOR: THE QUESTION ISN'T "CAN THE BAD GUYS AFFORD TO ATTACK YOU?" IT'S "CAN YOU AFFORD TO GET ATTACKED?" Trustwave Sources:,,,,,,,, Trustwave security research MPLOCKE (H MPLOC CKER

The Right Price for Cybercriminals

shared by kapcuse79 on Jul 30
This exclusive infographic from information security company Trustwave illustrates the affordability of malware tools on the black market and juxtaposes their price tags against common consumer merchandise.




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