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Revenge Of The IoT Crock Pot

HOW TO STOP YOUR HOME FROM BEING HACKED CACKFI "When you put technology on items that haven't had before, you run into security challenges you haven't thought about before" -RUNA SANDVIK, hacked a wi-fi controlled TrackingPoint sniper rifle CC BY-SA 2.0 by Nordiske Mediedager THE INTERNET OF THINGS (IOT) HAS ALREADY CAUSED SOME SERIOUS SECURITY HEADACHES 2000-2008 Vice-president Dick Cheney's pacemaker's Wi-Fi feature was disabled for security DON'T BE STILL MY HEART purposes while in office Device can remotely speed up or slow down a heart 2014 ENQUGH Hackers remotely disabled the brakes & JUST ESSENTIAL PARTS TO BE HACKED photo by Senior Airman Julianne Showalte transmission of a Jeep Grand Cherokee 1.4 million vehicles were recalled to patch the breach CC BY-SA 2.0 by RL GNZLZ photo via I All rights reserved 2015 Samsung smart-fridge was found vulnerable to exposing user's COOL IT WITH THE DATA BREACHES gmail accounts Users Google calendar synced to display on the screen 2016 80 major websites were breached in a IS YOUR HOME FIGHTING ON THE INTERNET? Distributed Denial of Service (DD0S) attack INCLUDING: Twitter, Netflix, Reddit Spotify, Github, Etsy Unprotected loT devices, including internet-ready cameras, were used to bypass internet security measures C BY-2.0 by ETC-USC 70% OF CURRENT IOT DEVICES LACK BASIC SECURITY SAFEGUARDS MORE CONNECTIONS TO THE INTERNET MEANS MORE PLACES TO BREAK IN loT devices have a WIDE RANGE of security concerns Multiple points for data leaks No standards for quality or access protocol Security vs efficiency Difficult to build encryption features Small size, low power, & poor computing capacity make for basic security encryptions at best Sophisticated devices can be linked with cheap, disposable ones The device, connected devices, data Manufacturers need to balance centers, & communication channels product cost with device security are all possible access points Impractical to put powerful processors in every product: Security breaches in one area The device, communication Creating robust security e.g., baby monitors, microwaves, Barble dolls, etc. can allow for cyber-attacks channel, & server all need measures is not currently on connected devices to be encrypted cost effective RIG PROBLEMS ARE IN STORE for loT users. Insecure enterprise & network security Invasion of privacy Personal loT devices can be back-door access points to large business networks Hacked door locks/security systems can be used to monitor your home 11% of companies with BYOD policies 330 address wearable devices 81% loT devices on home networks can provide access to private personal information say wearables are an equal or greater security threat than phones, tablets, & other devices 73% OF IT PROFESSIONALS BELIEVE NEW SECURITY UPDATES & STANDARDS ARE NEEDED Simple Ways to Stay Protected-UNTIL SECURITY FEATURES MAKE THE GRADE Create segmented networks Don't connect devices if they don't need to be Set up separate networks for loT devices, PC & mobile, & guests Consider if you really need to connect toys or refrigerators to your Wi-Fi network Less secure loT connections won't have access to personal or work data If it doesn't add value, don't bother with it yet Make strong passwords for your router & devices Keep your router firmware up to date Pre-set router passwords are often similar & easy to hack Just like software, outdated firmware is A strong router password should be: • 20 characters • Include letters, numbers, & symbols more vulnerable to cyber attacks Disable your wireless features & network, Automate updates when possible, or manually check for updates every 3 months Hackers can't access your Wi-Fi when you aren't/ when the network is down Good for when you're at work, even better for vacation Use different passwords for each device that connects using it to your network PROTECT YOURSELF from the next wave of cyber criminals Sources: Presented by: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING ersmediacenter

Revenge Of The IoT Crock Pot

shared by NowSourcing on Jan 10
Your crock pot may be out to get you. Learn how to keep your home secure from the Internet of Things!


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