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The Recipe for a Perfect Landing Page

AAAAA PERFECT LANDING PAGE THE RECIPE FOR A Good quality Headline Great image Quality Text LARGE call to action button Sign Up Form Testimonial Ingredients Optional extras Good quality headline Hero shot image Text to give context Testimonial (or trust element) 1 large call to action button Sign Up Form who want higher Conversion rates) -Second headline -Secondary, small button Video (for those call to action AAA 4. advanced baking tips to get the perfect landing page out of the oven every time A twist of desire EMOTION is more than twice as effective as LOGIC in advertising SO If you convince someone that your service or product will fulfil their needs and desires you're bound to increase your CONVERSION RATE How to discover your emotional sweet spot Tailor the benefits and unique selling points in your landing page copy to target one of the following emotions FEAR LOVE BELONGING Trendsetting LEADERSHIP Don't get Let your loved one know they are special with these Everyone is talking about this amazing blender Get left behind in Kitchen technology your own copy of a favourite new cookery book try this Be the first one of your friends to revolutionary great recipes new technique TRY DIFFERENT ONES OVER TIME TO DISCOVER WHICH EMOTION AAAA TRIGGERSTHE GREATEST NUMBER AAAA 2 the most powerfel landing page werdelf The essence of a landing page Of CONVERSIONS, Talking directly to your customers is far more persuasive "Free" is more power ful than any other discount or indicator of value- if some YOU thing is described as free leads are 66% should do more likely to try it this FREE call to action NOW BECAUSE... Not convincing in and of itself - Limited offers or urgency triggering words like 'now' trigger the striatum area of the brain which is responsible for making decisions - increasing the number of people who will decide to take action but it's important because it means you are explaining WHY AAAAAA ways to increase trust Security certificates V Partner logos Social proof Testimonials Studies by Ross and Anderson show that once we believe an anecdote no amount of hard data to the contrary will change our mind WHEN IT COMES TO TRUST MORE POWERFUL THAN STORIES ARE FAR STATISTICS! options More oane less action!!! means Keep it simple (one secondary call to action can be good for capturing leads not quite ready to COMmit, such as following you on social media, or signing up to a Stick to 1 call to action to get the highest number of conversions - this has been proven by many psychologist including Barry Schwartz in his book The Paradox of Choice newsletter). And don't forget to test how it tastes before serving! DON'T bergeti!! Landing pages are there to sell so make sure you measure the results of your hard work with Google Analytics - A landing page isn't static. Evolve your recipe according to your needs and make sure you test the new batches thoroughly with A/B testing before rolling it ouf!!! Bon Appetit DRIGISH and happy marketing from British Design Experts design experts Sources http://land.beachheadmarket- ugh-Psychology nal.pone.0020942#s3 http://un- ing-training/mike-hill/epa-tsunami-training/landing-pages/landing-pa ge-psychology/ ing-page-the-crucial-role-of-psychology-driven-seo-105792

The Recipe for a Perfect Landing Page

shared by BritishDesignExperts on May 30
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A guide to creating the perfect landing page that is optimised to help you convert your readers into customers. Including the basic ingredients, as well as some advanced tips to get psychology in your favour.


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