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Portable hard drives

IMAGES MUSIC ||HI Assuming an image size of 4MB - typical for a high-quality JPEG from a mainstream camera - you could fit A typical 700MB audio CD can hold a maximum 80 minutes of uncompressed audio, and our 80 X 1,362 =1TB 238,336 hotos.2 1TB disk can hold almost 1,362 audio CDs - which is about two and a half months (75.66 days) of uncompressed audio. minutes 2!MONTHS UNCOMPRESSED AUDIO What does that mean? TOSHIBA Converting to MP3 Human hair grows about 15cm PORTABLE HARD DRIVES so that's 82 gives you a compression ratio of about 7:1 in which case it would take almost a year and a half to listen to the contents non-stop. Australian life expectancy is years To put it another way eight photos per day IDEAL FOR BACKING UP so if you started off bald you'd end up with hair about TOSHIEA YOUR IMPORTANT you need 2,250 calories a day MEMORIES AND FILES OR 22cm long; basically a hippie. Facial hair grows at the same rate, over a typical lifetime. (man/woman average), so in the same time period you'd need to consume nearly 1.2 million calories or, if so you'd grow a luxurious beard, too. you could go to a wedding (call it 12pm to 12am) and take more than Yummm! you were staying in, about 650 takeaway pizzas. five photos VIDEO A dual-layer Blu-ray has a capacity of 50GB Look at it another way the moon has a surface area of 37,930,000 kilometres but a typical Blu-Ray movie is perhaps half that. That means you could store about 37 HD films on our disk without re-encoding them, enough for movie night once a week from when the nights start closing in in February, through to the return of summer in October. You could photograph the entire surface of the moon at a resolution of 14x11km (8.7x6.8mi) and store it.

Portable hard drives

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It's important to protect your precious digital memories, but exactly how much data can you cram onto a portable hard drive?




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