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Performance History of Computer Systems

Computer performance o Computer performance is characterised by the amount of useful work accomplished by a computer system compared to the time and resources used. This infographic will compare some fascinating computer power statistics which include the NASA space mission, the "Allied forces", and smartphones. Performance Metrics Moore's law simply says that computer power doubles every 18 SPEED UP 'months COMPRESSION RATIO service time channel capacity completion time performance per watt weird and wonderful facts Sony Playstation of today vehich costs £300 has the poweer of a military supercomputer of 1997. Cost = £300 Cost = £millions Happy Birthday and Christmas cards that sometimes contain a musical CHIP. have more computer power than all of the ALLIED FORCES OF 1945. An iPhone 4 has more computer pouer than all of NASA back in 1969 APOLLO GUIDANCE COMPUTER RAN AT A SPEED OF TODAYS SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 RUNS AT A SPEED OF 1 GHz 0.001024 GHz 1.4 GHz The Computers and Super Computers of today and tomorrow Arerage performance speed "SEQUOIA" from IBM is the world's fastest computer This ultra powerful machine achieved a record Laptops and PCs Phones 16.32 PETA FLOPS, using more than 1.5 MILLION processor cores. The Sequoia is 55% faster than the second fastest computer in the world, Japan's K and is also more efficient. CPU 2.0 TO4.0 GHZ CPU 0.5 T01.4GHZ RAM:2 TO 6GB RAM:264MG TO 1G The K uses 864 server racks to accomodate such a huge amount of computer servers. Where will we be in 7years'? Supercomputers powerful enough to simulate the human brain will be developed within seven years, a leading supercomputer expert has predicted. Experts believe that these powerful machines would open new possibilities for simulation in medicine, weather forecasting, and aerospace design D0000000 Within the next 10 years, all supercomputers in the Top500 list will be operating at least at petaflop speed - a quadrillion floating-point calculations per second. Calculations that will take the "Sequoia" LESS THAN 1 SECOND THREE DAYS. to calculate would have taken a supercomputer of 1993 CREATED BY TOUGHRACK Sourcesībm-sequoia-worlds-fastest-supercomputer indyz oJY1 response time SCAILABILITY instruction path length availibily houəp || AVERTER

Performance History of Computer Systems

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A look at how computer performance has increased exponentially through time.




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