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Paving the Way for Public Sector Big Data Adoption

PAVING THE WAY FOR PUBLIC It's clear that big data offers the opportunity for government agencies to improve their mission performance and service delivery. But we wonder: Is government ready? SECTOR BIG DATA ADOPTION This infographic explores the big data landscape for government, and the related challenges, best practices and use cases of big data. IS GOVERNMENT READY FOR BIG DATA? BIG DATA CHALLENGES YOUR BIG DATA BEST PRACTICES STOP A Govloop survey af 152 putlic sector prafessionals prowided insights on the state of big data at ther agencx Government has leveraged big data in a variely of ways, bul that doesnt mean there arent challenges to overcome Loohing for some ways to get started with big data? Here are a few best practices from your govevnment peers IS GOVERNMENT READY HOW ARE YOU DEFINING BIG DATA? WHAT ARE YOUR BIG DATA CHALLENGES? #1. KNOW YOUR DATA FOR BIG DATA? Lack of understanding of benefits 60% No management support 59% Workforoe lacks skills 57% No culture of data innovation 49% Startup costs 44% Disparate data sources 43% Security 35% Don't know where to start 19% Insufficient processing capabilities 15% Other 13% What kind of data types do you currently search across in your agency? (Select all that apply) 57% 43% Speed 55% 53% 12% Variety Complexity Size 67% O Application-Specific Documents 44% O Geospatial 37% A Rich File Formats 37% A Social Media 33% A Images 19% 8 Video 12% Audio No Yes 56% 75% WHAT STATEMENT BEST DESCRIBES YOUR CURRENT USE OF BIG DATA? Тext Insights from data are limited 39% Insights from data lead to improvements 32% We have yet to adopt big data 19% 10% WHAT IS PREVENTING YOU FROM ADOPTING A BIG DATA SOLUTION? Insights from data inform all of our decisions # 2. IDENTIFY A CLEAR ORGANIZATIONAL PROBLEM Funding 46% Lack of leadership support 44% Not an agency priority 44% Don't understand value 20% Other 14% 1. What problem are you trying to solve? 2. Where is the necessary data solved? Who do you need to bring to the table? 3. How will you measure the ROI? WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF BIG DATA? Ability to find critical information 71% Improved efficiencies Timely decision making Consolidated data Search across different data types # 3. STORING DATA IN A SINGLE REPOSITORY 68% 56% 54% Do you aggregate data from multiple sources? How long does it take you to aggregate data from multiple sources? 49% Transparent government 37% Reduced costs Integrate legacy systems 27% Better constituency services 27% Other 35% -63% Yes Less than an hour 12% About a day 24% About a week 35% 2 weeks 9% Other 20% 4% 37% No 00000000 "BY USING BIG DATA, GOVERNMENT WILL REACH A WIDER AUDIENCE AND BE govloop MORE TRANSPARENT, WHICH WILL BRING ABOUT A BETTER TRUST IN GOVERNMENT." Govl.oop Survey Participant

Paving the Way for Public Sector Big Data Adoption

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Big data has revolutionized the way government agencies store, manage and collect data. Agencies can no longer rely on stable and structured data as a means to meet mission need. Today, agencies must...


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