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Password Pop Quiz

PASSWORD POP quiz! ARE YOU a PROtected PLAYER? OR ARE YOU AcOMPROMISed contestanG? Lets PLay to Find out! PRSSWORD POP QUIZ! Question one: Victims of data breaches are times more likely to be a victim of identity fraud. A. 10 В. 30 C. 50 D. 5 FNSWER: A Data intruders know that 1234 5678 9101 1121 stealing your personal information and passwords makes picking the locks to your identity far easier.. and they love easy targets. Alex Sajak Question twO: You should use a longer password or passphrase because they: A. Are harder to B. Can safely be used on multiple accounts because they are harder to crack. remember. C. Increase the number of possible password combinations. D. All of the above. ANSWER: An 8 character password has 218 trillion possible character combinations for a hacking tool to process while a 4 character password has only 14 million. EA4ZXIX6KMO!&3 Question thRee: Smart phone owners are likely to fall victim to identity theft. more A. 5% B. 33% C. 50% D. 10% ANSWER: smaRG PHONE USERS Roughly 1 in 15 smart phone owners were victims of identity fraud, a 33% higher rate than the general public. Smartphone users are 33% more likely to fall victim to this type of fraud. Question FOUR: Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter protect my password information. A. True. B. False. AnsweR: True True, but identity thieves are constantly finding ways to hack someone's social media profile. Make sure you personally know your social media friends and don't click any unfamiliar websites or download files from people you don't know. Question fiVe: When you receive a password reset email you should: A. Click on the link Go directly to the services site and login to change your password. B. in the password reset email to change your password. C. It's probably a phishing email so you should ignore it. D. All of the above. FNSWER: $1000 Go directly to the service's site and login to change your password. Never click email links. Hackers often use phony links to get you to divulge your account and personal information. THINGS A HACKER WOULD DO Question Six: The most common password of the last two years is: A. QWERTY B. Dragon C. 123456 D. Password ANSWER: D Common Passwords People Use Despite continued education, hackers still score big wins against “simple" passwords like these, which all placed in the top 25. "PASSWORD" 7 "123456" QWERTY SOURCES 1. Javelin Strategy & Research. 2012 Identity Fraud Industry Report: Social Media and Mobile Forming the New Fraud Frontier. 2. Javelin Strategy & Research. 2012 Identity Fraud Industry Report: Social Media and Mobile Forming the New Fraud Frontier. 3. Source: Next Advisor infographic 25haW5mb2dyYXBoLjQyYTEOLnBuZwpwCXRodW1İCTEyMD- B4OTYWMD4/c3d86535/9ae/na-infographic-v3-1m.png Brought to you by: SecurityCoverage Password Genie" (319) 298-4700 %24

Password Pop Quiz

shared by SecurityCoverage on Sep 03
Are you a protected player or a compromised contestant? Let’s play to find out! Hackers have proven time and again that having a lengthy, strong password made of random characters is critical to per...


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