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The Panda Update: One Year Later

THE GOOGLE PANDA UPDATĖ ONE YEAR LATER Google announced its first-ever penalty targeting content deemed "thin" or "not good enough" on Feb. 24, 2011. Known as the "Panda Update," it has caused some publishers to seriously think about how to produce better material. WHAT IS THE PANDA UPDATE? www www. Panda is a filter that lets Google sift out content deemed to lack substantial substance. 0.0 Panda is called an "update" because the filter runs periodically. Each time it runs, all the content Google knows about is resifted. Improved content escapes the filter. Poor content gets caught again. Panda is just l of more VPER BATOM The process was than 200 different dubbed Panda after factors Google uses to the Google employee rank pages. GOOD who created the filter. PANDA 1.0: THE BEAST UNLEASHED IN THE U.S. The first version of Panda, released in February 2011, seemed especially aimed to What is a content farm? deal with complaints that poor content from "content farms" were making Google's Often a site employing many writers who create content results less relevant. Google said 12% of searches in the U.S. were impacted. especially aimed to match popular searches. Quality can range from excellent to very poor. CONTENT FARM GOOD BAD PANDA 2.0: PANDA SPEAKS MORE THAN U.S. ENGLISH Update 2.0, released April 20II, rolled out to handle all English-language queries. The new update includes searches from both English-speaking countries (e.g., British,, and Australian,, users) and queries in English from non-English countries (e.g., a searcher who has chosen English-language results using PANDA 2.1 TO 2.4: MINOR CHANGES Panda 2.2 Panda 2.3 JULY 2011 Every month after Panda 2.0 went live, Google continued to make minor changes, and the update began to have a monthly schedule: JUNE 2011 Panda 2.1 MAY 2011 PANDA 2.4: PANDA GOES INTERNATIONAL Joining the ranks of Panda are all languages except Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Whereas Panda hit 12% of U.S. English-language searches, only 6%-9% of non-English searches were affected by 2.4. PANDA 2.5: WATCH OUT FOR FLUX! With previous Panda updates, once they were released, sites were either hit or not, With Panda 2.5, Google warned of "flux," where it might make mini-updates that might catch or release all at once. some sites a few days after the main release. PANDA 3.0: THE UPDATE FEW NOTICED Panda 3 Pan In October, Google quietly released Panda 3.0. • There was no blog post, But after the fact, Google said this was a and it seemed to impact major update but shed no light on what relatively few publishers. had changed to the filter. A YEAR OF PANDA Panda Update 1.0 7 weeks Feb. 24, 2011 O Panda Update 2.0 4 weeks April 11, 2011 Panda Update 2.1 5 weekS May 10, 2011 O Panda Update 2.2 5 weeks June 16, 2011 Panda Update 2.3 July 23, 2011 'weeks Panda Update 2.4 Aug. 12, 2011 B weeks Panda Update 2.5 Sept. 28, 2011 O Panda Update 3.0 Oct. 19, 2011 3 weeks 3 weeks Panda Update 3.1 Nov. 18, 2011 8 weeks Panda Update 3.2 January 18, 2012 WHO WAS HIT BY PANDA? WHO SUFFERED Companies like Sistrix and Searchmetrics tried to assess this with FROM THE PANDA "visibility" reports, while some major companies that were hit acknowledged this with plans to improve. UPDATE? YAHOO! Demand IN Media said in April it Yahoo retired its Associated Content site Demand Media began efforts to diversify its experienced "moderately negative impact on page that was hit, moving the content beyond search views" due to Panda. best content to a new engines and create Yahoo Voices site better quality material. ESCAPING PANDA Sites that continue to provide solid content won't be caught through the Panda filter. Panda is a site-wide To lose the penalty, remove or improve penalty. If enough pages are tagged as poor, the poor quality content. entire site is subject to Panda, though some good pages will continue to rank If changes work, you should see traffic increase after the Panda update released. Written by: search éngine land Design by: BlueGlass Learn more: www www

The Panda Update: One Year Later

shared by rmmojado on Mar 27
Can you believe it has already been one year since Google first did its “Panda Update”? Since that moment on SEO has been on the map of many sites trying to either prevent or fix the consequences ...


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