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An Overview of Data Storage Devices Over Time

S an overview of data storage devices over time DICES I wonder how much i was worth back in the days compared to now How was I created? F 1956 THE HISTORY OF STORAGE DEVICES #1 FIRST 1956 IBM introduces the first disk storage system, the IBM 305 RAMAC IBM introduces "air bearing" technology with its 1301 Advanced Disk File 25 disks of 24-inch size and a capacity of 28 MB 1962 1971 IBM introduces the first FLOPPY DISK 1973 IBM introduces the 3340 disk drive, the "30-30". It had 2 spindles, one permanent, and one removable, each with a capacity of 30 MB. Many of its concepts still used today, it is widely considered the father of the modern hard disk 1979 Seagate Technology launches ST-506, which is the first 5.25-inch rigid disk drive with 5 MB capacity and four 5.25-inch platters 1980 GB The first gigabyte hard disk drive is introduced by IBM. The IBM 3380 is the size of a refrigerator, weighs around 250 kg and costs $40,000 Western Digital makes the first Winchester hard drive controller card for the IBM PC/AT-and sets an industry standard 1984 PrairieTek introduces a drive using 2.5" platters. This size would later become a standard for portable computing 1988 1993 Seagate introduces the first 7200 RPM hard drive in the market - the 2.1GB Barracuda ST12550 with ten 3.5-inch platters. 1996 IBM announces the highest storage density of 1 billion bits per square inch. 1999 IBM announces the smallest hard drive known as the Microdrive. It boasts of 340MB on a single 1-inch platter. Enabled better use of handheld devices such as the iPod. 14 Nov, IBM announces its first USB "DiskOnkey" memory key with 8 MB of storage capability. It's available 15 Dec 2000 2000 80GB Toshiba launches MK4007 GAL, which is the first 1.8-inch drive storing 40 GB on a platter. This is the first hard drive that uses perpendicular magnetic recording and comes in 40 GB and 80 GB capacities 2005 2TB First 2 TB hard drive launched by Western Digital - Caviar Green. It has four 3.5-inch platters with a data density of 500GB per platter. The drive is also part of the eco-friendly line up 2009 2000GB THE PICO MINI IS THE SAME SIZE AS A COIN 8GB ÚŠB FLASH DRIVE WOW! that amazing! PICO mini $1 4TB HDD Samsung demonstrates the industry's first 4 TB HDD 2011 2011 AVERAGE HARD DISK COST PER GIGABYTE THROUGH TIME 1980 $3,000,000 1985 $100,000 1990 $8,000 1995 $500 2000 s30 2005 s1 2010 $0.08 AVERAGE HARD DISK SIZE THROUGH TIME 1982 13MB 1986 15MB 1990 200MB 1991 |360MB 1992 520MB 1993 680MB 1994 1998 2000 2006 2008 2010 840MB 5.7GB 20.4GB 300GB 600GB 1.000GB

An Overview of Data Storage Devices Over Time

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A very interesting infographic about the history hard disk and storage device over time!




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