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An Overview of Computer Programing

AN OVERVIE OF COMPUTER PROGRAMMING Computer Programmer (probably) You probably use computers and programs on a daily basis, but you might not be aware that the first "pre-computers" didn't even use electricity or that the first computer programmer was a woman. Computers have a huge impact on our life, and computer programs tell those computers what to do and how to do it. For both good and bad, computer programs have altered our existence, so it's about time you learned a little something about them. In 1801, Joseph Marie Jacquard Invented the Jacquard loom a mechanical, automated loom. Changeable punched cards controlled the operation of the loom. The punched card was later used by Charles Babbage as a method for storing programs for the Analytic Engine. FIRST COMPUTER PROCRAMMER: Jacquard Loom, 1801 ADA LOVELACE. In 1842-1843, Lovelace translated an article about Charles Babbage's proposed Analytic Engine. In her notes, she describes an algorithm that is cited as the first computer program, making her the first computer programmer. She also theorized that the computer could, one day, play music and chess. Ada, a U.S. Department of Defense computer language, is named in her honor. Ada Lovelace, 1842 IN 1889, HERMAN HOLLERITH DEVELOPED THE IDEA OF THE ELECTRIC TABULATING SYSTEM, A MACHINE THAT COULD READ DATA. Hollerith also used punched cards, known as Hollerith cards, after experimenting with paper tape. He also Invented the tabulator and keypunch machines Along with Hollerith cards, these form the basis for information processing. In 1896, he founded Tabulating Machine M Company, which became IBM. Today In 1906 he developed a plugboard or control panel, that allowed the machine to perform different tasks without being reconstructed. Electric Tabulating System, 1906 Developed In 1937 and tested In 1942, the first electronic digital computer, the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) was designed to solve linear equations. Although it was not programmable, it binary arithmetic, regenerative memory, parallel processing, and separate memory. use Atanasoff-Berry Computer, 1942 Used in World War II, the Colossus machines were the first programmable, electronic digltal computers. The Colossus machines were designed to break and read encrypted German messages. Colossus machine In 1947, Grace Murray Hopper, an admiral in the U.S. Navy and computer programming pioneer, documented the first actual computer 'bug' when a moth got trapped in the Mark II Alken Relay Calculator. Shrt.J Gin e (Sins ha) ISA Fist ast c f bey bing found. Hooper's "bug" documentation, 1947 They removed the moth and 'debugged the computer. The Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator, or EDSAC, was the first practical stored- program electronic computer. On May 6, 1949, EDSAC ran its first program: calculating a table of squares and a list of prime numbers. EDSAC, 1949 FIRST HIGH LEVEL COMPUTER PROCRAMMING LANGUAGE USED: FORTRAN Invented by John Backus of IBM in 1954. Fortran It was released commercially in 1957. A high level programming language is one that is far removed from the computer's instruction architecture. It is typically more user friendly than low level programming languages. Backus, 1954 Fortran user manual FIRST COMPUTER CAME: Spacewar! (1961) Programmed by Steve Russell, Spacewar! is a two-player game where two spaceships, affected by the gravity of a star, fire missiles, unaffected by gravity, at each other. Each spaceship has limited ammunition and fuel. Took roughly 200 man-hours to complete. Written on a DEC Interactive minl computer. Russell never profited from Spacewar! Playing Spacewarl back in the day.. "If I hadn't done it, someone would've done something equally exciting, if not better, in the next six months. I just happened to get there first." (Russell, about Spacewar!) Steve Russel At Stanford University, Russell Introduced Nolan Bushnell to Spacewar! Bushnell went on to program the first coin-operated arcade game and later started both Atari Computers and Chuck E. Cheese. Spacewar! arcade game FIRST COMPUTER VIRUS PROGRAMMER: FRED COHEN In 1983, Fred Cohen designed a hidden program that could infect a computer, copy itself, and then infect other computers through the use of a floppy disk. The program was benign, meant only to prove that it was possible. Cohen, 1983 BRIEF HISTORY OF THE INTERNET 1974 1976 1981 First use of the term "internet" by Vinton Cerf and Bob Kahn Invention of the Ethernet cable National Science Foundation creates CSNET for those without access to 1983 ARPANET (Department of Defense network). Vinton Cerf recommends that CSNET and ARPANET should Interconnect. Internet Activities Board (IAB) Is created. 1990 1992 Advanced Network and Services (ANS) Is formed by Merit, IBM, and MCI to develop high speed networking. Internet Society is formed and World Wide Web is released. 1994 Pizza Hut offers online pizza ordering. Wi Fi Pihr Wireless internet access, Wi-Fi, is standardized. First Virtual, a completely 1999 online bank, opens. HP-85A personal computer (1980) MacBook Pro (2.4 GHz) self-contained potable 8-bit microprocessor CRT screen $3,250 ($8,352.42 TODAY) $1,799 intel Core i5 4GB memory 320 GB hard drive monitor: 15.4 inches 32 K ROM 16 K RAM monitor: 5 inches weight: 20 Ibs weight: 5.6 pounds In 2008, there were about 1.3 million software engineers and computer programmers employed in the U.S. They might potentially be outpaced by computer programmers in India, China, and other developing countries. More than 300 colleges and universities in the U.S. offer computer programming as a major. The future Ada Lovelace Countries with expanding technology sectors: India, China, Russia, Ukraine, and the Philippines. COMPUTER PROCRAMMER SALARIES FROM AROUND THE WORLD: USA $60,000 RUSSIA $21,895 CHINA $21,046 UKRAINE $17,569 PHILLIPPINES $10,734 INDIA $3,351 - $9,714 UnlineSchools SOURCES: http://www.sdscedu/ScienceWomen/loveloce htri 98.htm Loom E Cheese SECTIONO0033000000000000000 1/first_computer bug.htm http://en.wikipe of_bestselling vide o_game_franchises#At Je ast_20_milioncopies http:// http://nology. Job= Computer Programmer/Salary .bb.g esonline.coole /techand_web/article21556.ece Design and Illustration By Elle Koning E WARS

An Overview of Computer Programing

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