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Optimizing AdWords for eCommerce

Goge kinided LL s Ranc vbercan Fra Pipig Sow y inkwa Stor Coge brand Cart wiriala Stop by Birel.Chn W.Du ntigear ngtratr te hest etu Coal OPTIMIZING adwords THE TRACITIONAL WAY VS THE NEW WAY "If all you have is a hammer, the world looks like a nail" is an old saying describing how people with limited knowledge and limited tools always approach a problem the same way. This is certainly true for how many, agencies included, structure and manage AdWords TM accounts in an attempt to get the most ROI and drive purchasing behavior. AdWords optimization begins with structuring the data in a way that enables performance. Check out the graphic below to see how the new way of doing things makes optimization possible. HOW GOOGLE adwoRdS WORKS You pay Google and get a click. For example, you pay Google $10 for every prospect they send to your site. 24 Is this a good deal? Maybe, or maybe not? It depends on what happens after the click... If they buy $100 of merchandise, that's great! If they don't buy anything, not so great! SORTING THESE TWO SCENARIOS is what optimization is all about. Doing it well is about isolating and understanding all of the variables that impact the outcome, using it to calculate how much to optimally pay for the next click. THE 4 VARIABLES THAT ENABLE OPTIMIZATION Campaigns Ad Groups Keywords Ads The search string that someone types into the Google A collection of Ad Inside a campaign there are Ad Groups that are more granular than the campaign level. The Ad is associated Groups organized by site navigation or product catalog. with a keyword and in most cases many keywords are in one Ad Group. search box that triggers the Ad. O Campaigns THE OLO WAY THE NeW WAY Campaigns Campaigns Q Product Line A Q Network (Search/Display) Product Line B Q Domain (website) Manufacturer Q Language Brand Q Geo-target Several different campaigns arranged by product line with a distinct budget and CPA goal for each. Some campaigns will be limited by budget depending on day - resulting in missed ad impressions. Campaign managers believe that campaign structure can drive purchase intent. In reality, the connection between what someone searches for and what they purchase is not at all driven by campaigns. What matters is the success of the keyword/ad. We suggest separate campaigns only for Network (Search or Display), Language, Domain, or Geo-target. The budget will be shared between all campaigns. This also prevents duplicate keywords in multiple campaigns. Ad Groups THE OLO WJAY THE New WAY Ad Group Keyword Ad Group Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Keyword Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad 3 Ad 1 Ad 2 Ad 3 Ad 4 Ad 5 Now there is a direct relationship between Ad Group and Keyword. You'll target the highest impression keywords to do split testing on Ads. You'll also get the chance to build a better quality score because the ad is now very specific to the keyword. This doesn't allow you to isolate the ads that actually work the best for each keyword. Any improvement that affects one keyword may cause performance to go down for other keywords. Keywords THE OLO WAY THE NEWU WAY KEYWORD CR BID KEYWORD CR BID [Brown Shoes] 20% $1.00 [Brown Shoes] 20% $1.00 "Brown Shoes" 5% $1.00 "Brown Shoes" 5% $0.25 +Brown + Shoes 2% $1.00 +Brown 2% $0.02 + Shoes Exact, Phrase, and Broad Match Keywords were placed inside the same ad group and bid at the same Max CPC. Keyword types have different conversion rates and should be bid at different amounts. Ads THE OLO WAY THE NeW WAY Australian 100 Series 4 Burner Gas BBQ £114.99 - Garden XL Large Spoons Compare, Shop & Save with Pronto. Deals on Large Spoons Free 24hr UK Delivery! Hawaiian Tropical Flowers - +1 Fresh Bouquets, Leis, Plants, more. "NEW Just Lowered Prices! Tropical Bouquets Hawaiian Leis Gift Baskets On Sale Large Spoons at Amazon Low Prices on Large spoons Qualified orders over $25 ship free Wholesale Event Solutions 1 (866) 956 7235 ***** 36 reviews for Unique Wedding & Party Supplies. Discount Prices Open to the Publict Ostrich Feather Centerpieces Tower Vases Ostrich Feathers Wedding Sparkles Perhaps generic ads like "Great Prices on Stuff" were good enough years ago, but in today's competitive landscape, the targeted ad gets the click. Dynamic and targeted ads use features like Dynamic Keyword Insertion, Ad Params (Price & Quantity), product-specific details, and Ad Extensions (social, sitelinks). Product Listing Ads (PLAS) are also very effective for many products. YOUR ad PlaceMENT IN Googt a RELATION TO YOUR COMPETITIONN (ad rank) IS DETERMINED BY TWO FACTORS: How much you are willing to pay for the click. The quality score of 2 your ad. By structuring your data for optimization, you are able to improve your quality Score and bid much more precisely. Z FINCH" © 2013 Finch LLC. All rights reserved. O 2013 Google Inc. All rights reserved. AdWordsTM advertising service is a trademark of Google Inc.

Optimizing AdWords for eCommerce

shared by jason_lowry on Jul 09
AdWords optimization begins with structuring the data in a way that enables performance. Check out the graphic to see how the new way of doing things makes optimization possible.




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