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The Online Revolution

ONLINE REVOLUTION HOW THE INTERNET HAS CHANGED THE WORT STAHP THERE ARE APPROXIMATELY 2,405,518,376 IN ERNET USERS IN THE WORLD typical internet user THIS ISN'TEVEN 566.4% MORE THAN IN 2012 2000 AS THE NUMBER OF NT R ETUSERS GROW, THE WORLD CHANGES. MY, EINAL FORM WIKILEAKS USURP THE MAN Not-for-profit media organisation that provides a secure and anonymous way for sources to leak information. HACKTIVISM RELEASED DIPLOMATIC CABLES The nonviolent use of legally ambiguous digital tools in pursuit of politically, socially, or culturally subversive ends. Released U.S. State department diplomatic "cables" - US assessments of host countries WikiLeaks 251,287 CLASSIFIED DOCUMENTS E274: FROM AMERICAN FACE BOOK INITIATED the CONSULATES, EMBASSIES & DIPLOMATIC MISSIONS around the world. ARAB SPRING POWER OF TRENDING OVERTHROW OF EGYPT PROTESTERS GOT ORGANIZED THROUGH FACEBOOK: Daily # of tweets about #EGYPTIANREVOLUTION 1. Spreading rebellious inspiration- videos and photographs of state brutality. 2. "The GPS for this revolution" logistical information of where & when to protest. 2,300 230,000 TWEETS TWEETS YOU CAN BE AN EXPERT IN ANYTHING ONLINE 1 month before President Hosni Mubarak resigned the day President Hosni Mubarak stepped down ONLINE REVOLUTION OVERTHROW OF TUNISIA Tunisian Bloggers covering Tunisian revolution You Tube I'M AN ACTOR 66,500 800 MILLION Every month professional actors in U.S. UNIQUE VISITORS escalated from h70 20% to in 2011, YouTube reached 1TRILLION that is EQUIVALENT 1 month before Ben Al resigned the day Ben Al stepped down VIDEO VIEWS I'M A PHOTOGRAPHER 72 HOURS 140 VIEWS of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute O Justagram per person on earth Every month 139,500 professional photographers in U.S. Pinterest 90 MILLION I'M CRAFTY ACTIVE USERS 5 MILLION 25.3 MILLION stay at home mothers (in the United States) MAUS Latest results as of Sept 2012 40 MILLION PHOTO UPLOADED PER DAY ↑ 1,047% WebMD I'M A DOCTOR INCREASE IN YOY UNIQUE PC VISITORS 691,000 Every month 107.2 MILLION Professional Physicians / Surgeons in U.S. UNIQUE USERS "THANKS TO THE INTERNET, BECOMINGA HYPOCHONDRIAC IS MUCH EASIER THAN IT USED TO BE." 22% Q3 2012 INCREASE OVER 2011 2.56 BILLION PAGE VIEWS 24% -WEBMD SEARCH FOR "HYPOCHONDRIAC" INCREASE OVER 2011 FEEL THE LEARN! ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANY PRICE. EDUCATION ONLINE CLASSES: MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES MOOCS MORE THAN 32 6.7+MILLION FREE ONLINE COURSES TAUGHT BYIVY LEAGUE PROFESSORS of TAKE AT LEAST HIGHER-ED STUDENTS HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF ONE ONLINE COURSE STUDENTS FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD ENROLL EVERY SEMESTER 77% RATE THE ONLINE LEARNING OUTCOMES AS THE SAME OR FOR MOOC STUDENTS WHO HAD PREVIOUSLY TAKEN A SIMILAR CLASS ON A CAMPUS of SUPERIOR TO FACE-TO-FACE LEARNING. ACADEMIC LEADERS WORSE HAS MORE THAN JSTORE 4.5 MILLION 36% MOOCS 63% COMPARABLE BETTER SCHOLARLY ARTICLES from nearly 800 academic publishers available online with a subscription. PRESENTED BY: BESTCOMMUNICATIONDEGREES.COM Sources: DEVELOPED BY N NOWSOURCING

The Online Revolution

shared by NowSourcing on Feb 25
This infographic takes a look at the online revolution and how the internet has changed the world.


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