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Online Reputation Management

ONLINE REPUTATION MANAGEMENT How To Suppress Negative Reviews On Search Engines What is Online Reputation Management (ORM)? Monitoring your brand image online and suppressing false and negative information in order to ensure a positive impression on potential and existing customers. Why is ORM great for your business? Google APOSITIVE NEGATIVE ▼ Suppress and address false and negative reviews on scam boards. Monitor what others are saying about your company. 只 A+ Promote positive content to build trust in your brand. Recover lost income, increase conversion, and increase retention. Don't Be a Victim of Negative Online Reviews Common Scenarios: The Daily Rip Off BEWARE OF COMPANY INC. One customer has a bad experience and writes negative reviews online. Scam boards publish inaccurate reviews. Competitors slam your company's reputation. Results: Google Google SCAM!!! FAKE!! SUCKS!! RIP-OFF!!! BEWARE!!! Check out yourco scam ADD TO CART? Cancel People go to your website and consider They go to Google and look up " scam" to see if there are any complaints about your company. They buy from your competitor or get turned off to shopping online and choose not to purchase anything at all. Negative content dominates making a purchase. search results. Manage your Reputation Discovery Compile links to negative reviews. Keyword research - what is most critical? G9ogle Take baseline measurements. Determine measures of success. Strategy Plan your responses to negative reviews. Develop positive content. Improve customer service to increase positive feedback and decrease negative comments. Improve Customer Service Why? V Happy customers mean more business (referrals and retention). V Positive reviews of your great service dominate the web. f V It's easy for bad reviews to crop up, all it takes is one dissatisfied customer. How? V Practice customer outreach for positive reviews. OUT REACH Monitor complaints & respond in a timely fashion. V Survey your customers to discover any potential issues. V Maintain good interaction with CUSTOMER SATISFACTION SURVEY customers. Case Study At the onset of the reputation management campaign, there was 80% saturation of the A company hit their tipping point and became very big, very fast. The company website quickly came onto the radar of countless complaint sites. first 2 pages of Google with negative content for all keywords related to their brand name. 80% 000 They followed the steps above, developed a reputation strategy and executed on a monthly basis. " scam" and other negative keywords disappeared from Google autosuggest, signifying that the campaign was successful. After 6 months, negative sentiment was reduced from 80% to an average of 30% of the first 2 pages of Google for all targeted keywords. 80% 30% NO SCAM Conclusion Successful reputation campaigns can minimize negative online content. A positive reputation will gain the customers' trust in your brand, products and services. There is nothing more valuable than gaining the confidence of your customers in terms of referrals, profit, and stability of your company. Sources • reputation-management/ • CONSORTE studies/reputation-management/ MARKETING • THE CORE OF ONLINE BUSINESS MONITOR MAINTAIN

Online Reputation Management

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There are many ways that unsatisfied customers and competitors may attack the reputation of your company online. Sometimes you can rectify the situation by reaching out to the person who published a c...


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