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A Noob's Guide to Thwarting Hackers

C:> A NOOB'S GUIIDE TO THWARTING HACKERS NOOB'S GUIDE WHY ARE PASSWORD STOLEN? * FOR PROFIT The majority of security breaches are orchestrated * LEVERAGE Passwords taken from lesser priority sites are used to log into large financial sites like Pay-Pal and bank webpages. *"HACKTIVISTS" Groups that have the goal of embarrassing, exposing, or intimidating targets, often being large corporations by criminal gangs with profit in mind FOTENTIAL USES OF BREACHED PASSWORDS: 2. REUSE Trying out cracked email/password combinations on other sites to access financial or social media accounts 1. RAINBOW TABLES Updating "rainbow tables", 3. "SPEAR PHISHING" Sending malware or spyware through an email that appears legitimate. Often appear to be from banks. friends or colleagues extensive databases used for cracking encrypted passwords HOW ARE PASSWORDS STOLEN? * Guessing - Using personal information found online to guess Aa * Dictionary-based Running every word in a dictionary or word list ASL? DON'T USE PERSONAL DON'T USE ACTUAL DICTIONARY WORDS, EVEN IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES IDENTIFYING INFORMATION WHEN CREATING A PASSWORD * "Brute Force" Programs try every combination of keystrokes in tandem with a user name * Phishing - Tricking users into providing personal information through legiti- mate seeming IMs or emails USE LONG PASSWORDS WITH UPPER AND LOWER CASE LETTERS, DON'T CLICK SUSPICIOUS LINKS OR PROVIDE PERSONAL INFORMATION NUMBERS, AND SPECIAL CHARACTERS UNLESS YOU TRUST THE SOURCE * "Shoulder surfing" – Hacker waits around an internet café * "Sniffer"-can read a user's keystrokes. or library to watch users enter user name and password into various websites. THE WORST SECURITY BREACHES IN HISTORY COMPANIES AMOUNT OF PEOPLE AFFECTED VISA MASTERCARD 2005 40 MILLION PEOPLE Aol. 650,000 PEOPLE CAUG.) 2006 TJX 94 MILLION PEOPLE (DEC.) 2006 MONSTER 1.3 MILLION PEOPLE 2007 GAWKER 2010 1.3 MILLION PEOPLE EPSILON, 60 MILLION PEOPLE (HAR.) 2011 RSA 40 MILLION PEOPLE (HAR.) 2011 CAPR.) 2011 77 MILLION PEOPLE in 6.5 MILLION PEOPLE (JUN.) 2012 1.5 MILLION PEOPLE (JUN.) 2012 WHAT WAS HACKED: 31% Passwords 31% 31X Personal Info (Names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses) 25% Financial Info (Credit card numbers, verification and account numbers) 6X Social Security Numbers 6X Corporate & Government Account Access Information 31% BROUGHT TO YOU BY: Available in the Password Genie Google play app store

A Noob's Guide to Thwarting Hackers

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An infographic I designed while working for Space Chimp Media about keeping your passwords secure.


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