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The New Threat Landscape

THE NEW THREAT LANDSCAPE PCS, MACS, SMARTPHONES, AND TABLETS Malware has been around since the dawn of the personal computer. But as the use of mobile devices increases, so does the opportunity for cybercriminals to steal your passwords, identity and money. You don't have indulge in risky behavior to become a victim. Common activities such as Web surfing and reading email can result in a malware infection on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. Knowledge is your first line of defense. WINDOWS ONLINE BANKING WEB SURFING A strong password isn't enough to protect your bank information online. As much as 85% of all infections come from Web Keyloggers-programs that record your keystrokes- pages created or hijacked by criminals. caused 48% of all data 48% breaches last year. SOURCE: CSIS SECURITY GROUP SOURCE: 2012 VERIZON DATA BREACH INVESTIGATIONS REPORT READING Spam is more than an annoyance. More than 3% of all spam carries malware or a link to malware. EMAIL For most people, that means several such messages a day. SOURCE: MICROSOFT SECURITY INTELLIGENCE REPORT, VOL. 11 IGNORING THE NEED FOR ANTIVIRUS SOFTWARE MACINTOSH READING EMAIL You don't have to stumble across Macs are no longer a Java exploit like Flashback on the Web to get infected. All you have to do is open the wrong invulnerable. The Flashback Trojan – designed to grab passwords and other personal e-mail, then click a file or a link. information -infected at least 600,000 Macs. DOWNLOADING FILES FI SOURCE: ZDNET The Morcut Trojan, discovered in July 2012, disguises itself as an Adobe Flash Player installer. The sophisticated spyware allows attackers to intercept email, track mouse coordinates, record keystrokes, eavesdrop on instant messages and more. SOURCE: INFORMATIONWEEK SMARTPHONES INSTALLING APPS :-( More than 90% of top paid mobile apps have been hacked. Hackers copy an app, add a malicious payload, and make it available as the real thing. SOURCE: INFOSECURITY TEXTING Texts can be SHOPPING intercepted and read. And if your phone is stolen, your stored Google Wallet allows you to pay at the cash register with your Android device. But re- searchers have discovered a vulnerability that could access your PIN number. Another Wallet flaw can leave bank account data on your texts and any financial or other sensitive information can be read, as well. tablet even after it has been wiped. SOURCE: ZVELO SOURCE: INVESTOPEDIA ANDROID TABLETS MOBILE BANKING DI Finance apps are convenient, but hackers know they're also an ideal way to capture your 1234 1234 personal information.Google SURFING THE WEB recently removed from its marketplace more than 50 apps infected with malware that compromised the user's data by allowing a criminal to take control of the device. Recently discovered SOURCE: SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE websites target vulnerable Android devices with the drive-by malware "Not- GAMING Compatible," which allows hackers to use the device as In the summer of 2012, a new Android Trojan infected as many a proxy to gain access to private computer networks. as 100,000 devices by hiding in hacked versions of Super Mario Bros. and Grand Theft Auto. The real scary part: It was distributed through Google's own Play store. SOURCE: GIZMODO SOURCE: CIO

The New Threat Landscape

shared by rxleeds on Apr 09
Your data and hardware are vulnerable to attack. Be scared! Commissioned by McAfee and PCWorld, my goal here was to “alarm” people about how vulnerable their data is. This is the second of two com...


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