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The New Domains Are Going Live!

THE NEW DOMAINS ARE GOING LIVE! Revolution on the Internet It's the dawn of a new age in domains: In 2014, “.berlin" and “.wien" (".vienna") will be the first of the new top-level domains (NTLDS) to be launched. Alongside well-known domain endings such and .de, there will be about 1000 new endings in the future – including .app, .blog. .shop and a number of city domains.This is opening up whole new dimensions on the Internet.The launch of the nTLDs is being managed by Internet regulator ICANN. This organization will be monitoring the process and making sure there are no major issues during the gradual rollout of the nTLDs. WHAT will the nTLDs do? The NTLDS will make domain names more concise, with greater impact auto rw.mail Aour help guru hookin/like hote cloud date, Web m raphics rate belingmbh.M.hambur ereise site reise Cy sale bay o reisen koeln Xirish .church With the old TLDS... With the old TLDS... With the old TLDS... With the new TLDS... With the new TLDS... www.myfast.mail With the new TLDS... WHY are the nTLDs being introduced? They will add variety to the rapidly growing Internet and make it easier to find a suitable domain name. The trend in the number of Internet users 2,55 bil. 2,41 bil. 2,15 bil. blog 2,04 bil. 1,85 bil. 1,61 bil. 1,39 bil. .web fish .boat shop bio tk org 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 .com org -gold Development of registered domains 289 mil. 252 mil. 220 mil. 202 mil. 187 mil. 168 mil. 153 mil. 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 WHEN will the nTLDs be available? The launch of the new top-level domains is entering the final phase JUNE 2012 REVEAL DAY JANUARY 2012 EARLY 2013 SEPTEMBER 2013 Application phase starts All applications published Review of new domain The first available NTLDS endings starts are delegated APRIL 2012 DECEMBER 2012 MARCH 2012 Application phase ends Sequence for reviewing applications is initiated Trademark Clearinghouse starts LATE 2013 / EARLY 2014 November 2013: Sunrise phase for first NTLDS starts January 2014: First NTLDS are available for registration for anyone WHO can register the new domains? About 800 domain endings can be registered by anyone.An additional 600 nTLDs are reserved for trademarks and companies, so they are not freely available. voyage game love Sucks healthcarecoach gay bacopclutarthoma dance poker asa rfink prof sex career press estate immo .apple .bmw .audi .bar .love .deal .bike .band .пус .london haus rent .shop .buy Jaw nyc tour .fan .band -gay .blog .dating dentist we play bay horse .africa .career .chrome old .flickr phop .amazon salon .irish .swiss .events .dance .football hospital D10 .church kiwi berin movie porn + more sale .hamburg .thai .latino .tokyo .money .studio -porn .tattoo .hot .bible help .earth .gmx .epson fit .love .fan .gmbh gold konami ke africa art .windows guru catering gobal + more + more + more + more Jade nrw.quebecV ap r tropie SPORTS COUNTRIES LIFESTYLE BUSINESS COMPANIES & TRADEMARKS & RECREATION & TRAVEL These NTLDS are reserved for companies and trademarks HOW? It will take several years to launch the new endings. It is not yet possible to register desired domains – but free and non-binding pre-ordering is possible. This is offered by a large number of domain companies. 1 Choosing and pre-ordering T. your desired domain 2. 3. 1. 2. Wait for registration to start Cross your fingers and hope to U. be awarded the domain Trademark holders should also have their mark registered with the ICANN Trademark Clearinghouse in order to protect their rights when the new domains are allocated. checkdcmain (şedo created by: " Buy. Park. Sell. Domains Sources used: | | | cafe bertin

The New Domains Are Going Live!

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New website addresses – joining the common .com and .net – are going live in 2014. What does this mean for everyday use of the internet?






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